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I love to read Pokemon and Kirby Comic and many others XD
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@Shard: *Doesn't mind at all*
@Shard: *Take the popcorn and watches her*
*Sighs* Okie welp I'm just going to survive *Blend into the background and watches Ket*
It in purple letters so it Espeon and think about we just did Umbreon so it could be her
@Shard: *Facepaw* Ket is going to need a break after this
Okie nope this robot fox can't take this *Walk out of the room*
Why did I think he was going to go super sayian
@Vay: I know about SSEC because of DA
@Shard: Okay at least I might see what this world about
@Shard: *Sit down and waits for Letter 7 to end*
@Shard: *!!!* *Active amour for the random things coming*
@Shard: Ugh so it going to be stupid random *Look at Ket* How in the world are you surviving this
*Blinks* What the *Is having trouble coming up what to said next*
@Vay: *Hit you on the head with a frying pan*
@Shard: *Active shutdown mode and will reactive later*
@Shard: *Is already malfunction* I don't think I can
Ket I am so confused as you are *His Data is mess up*
Um what the? *Is a little confused Vee*
*Make a Train appear* Everyone get on the Hype train X3