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I love to read Pokemon and Kirby Comic and many others XD
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@ultrawandit: *burns it* Let us never speak of this monster
@Sky207: XD your inner eye uwu
@Sky207: X3 *An eevee and Litten hugging= Cutess over the max*
*Dies from embrassment*
@Sky207: X3 *Put the eye on your forehead making you a psychic type*
Plan B: Kamahama them XD
@Sky207: But an perfect eye uwu
@Sky207: Meep *Gets Glomped*
@Sky207: Cheating? *Nibble berry*
@Sky207: *Kiss sky and hide*
@Sky207: *Hug sky in eevee form*
@Sky207: Oh also finally got my real eevee oc on my profile uwu
*Blinks* Blind wolf?
Umm *Grab Flamethrower* Can I burn it
Aww uwu so cute (Also Side note: Finally add my actually eevee character uwu)