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I love to read Pokemon and Kirby Comic and many others XD
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Oh god now I'm think of Naruto because of those two whyyyy I remember that series is over
@shinyumbreon888: Yep so wait does that mean Silvia and Jolteon each other already XD
Umbreon look like he burst from angry now
@RealBoxTheEevee: Don't worried my disbelief Riolu will protect us
@9rainbowtails: My god your right Rainbowtail it just hit me today XD Umbreon is Pearl
I'm really really thinking of Happy because of Aye if you don't know what I'm talking about he from Fairy Tail XD
Then the whole world blew up from their fighting XD
No not the Mew Statue ;-; why does it have to be evil too
Ok why is that I want espeon win but also not at the same time XD I'm just going to hope even though I know what happen XD
@Guest: It does look like he using he probably was charging it in between pages
A moment of silent for Olly sacrifice for Vagus
I smell a refence
The first four panels make it look like a final fantasy battle
*Starts to look through his bag and grab a master ball and throw at the Espeon*
@Kiel124a: Cool I'll look forward to it
@42Meep: Oh XD sorry it just I thought she would have an evil lab
@Shard: I feel like you would do better with a Gatomon
@Shard: I feel like you would do better with Gatomon