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I love to read Pokemon and Kirby Comic and many others XD
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@Sky207: Oh XD That doesn't sound bad half of the time I'll been eating by other animals owo I hate Rpg Rp owo
@Sky207: ..... My get out of hand -w- I had to suffer in a world that was dieing from the inside out
@Shard: *Hides and put a blair sword into the ground*
@Sazkey88: X3 I'm feeling silly today uwu
owo he use exploding smell owo
Mew *Poke a ruin of building making it crumble to piece* O_O
@-FluorescentScales-: UwU *Poke you and then Cuddles Cyris*
@Shard: Yus owo Sorry It just happen when I saw it
I really want yellow so I can do this glitch too owo problem is how XD
@Sazkey88: I see *Hiss at the bad mens*
@Ima Fishtick: Um Titanium would break your teeths
@Ima Fishtick: *Put you into a Titanium Cage* There
owo This not Pokemon XD