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I'm a nerd, and proud of it. I've always loved video games and drawing, ever since I was a Wii little lad (there, did ya catch the pun? COMEDY). Right now I'm working towards a BA in Animation at DePaul University. My goal for after college is to be a freelance artist/animator. YES.
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Obviously you've never played Bubble Bobble.
Who's Rimura...?

Also Dedede in the banner makes me want him in the comic even more. Can't wait! And Adeleine is a bit....endowed in the banner. At least this shows everyone that she is, indeed, a girl.
Poor Adeleine gets no love.
Girl. That girl's a jerk.
Whispy Woods? Maybe?
Dee's gonna kick some ass now.

Hey, at least everyone recognized the line that was supposed to be the reference.
Only reference I see is to One Piece. "Emergency food supply" is what Sanji and Luffy call Chopper :P
I still have like 3 weeks 'til school. We start obnoxiously late :/
I like Dee's determined face in the bottom left.
Aha, I see.
Crack is a hell of a drug.

What's Kirby holding in his left hand?
Man, whoever created those constellations was on something.
I guess it's like a hair clip then? In the shape of a heart.

Ribbowned, too.
Haha, Dee's a lil' jealous.
I like that new wallpaper, very dark and awesome.
Oh wow, this is gonna be quite a long chapter. AWESOME.

Also I like Kirby's expression in the last panel. Dunno why, he's just like "Yeah whatever."
Ribbon looks really cute in her panel, me likey.
Ahhhh, she looks pretty cute. It's been so long since I played the game that I forget what happens next.

August 6th, 2008
Hey, at least Nev saved their butts. He deserves a hero's worship.