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Greetings, I'm -FluorescentScales- , but you may call me Fluor, Egg, or supreme overlord whichever you find suites me best.
Okay maybe not that last one but still.
I'm currently trying to work on stories and such mate.

I like:


Video Games, {Pokemon, The ARK, Ect.}


Steven Universe,

Spooky Things,



Comics, {well duh}

Reading, {Wings of Fire, Harry Potter, Ect.}


A good story,

making things that people will enjoy, {pfffffft}

and Cake,

can't forget the cake.

Ya just can't

Yus Yus

forget the cake and just see what happens.

This list wasn't cliché at all.

find me on these websites as well,

Scratch: Hazelflight

PaigeeWorld: CrimsonLight

Roblox: Mystic_pool
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    The Titanium Ninja
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Prompt: weak
Lewis has little to no upper body strength.

Neither do I.
must touch all the stuff
Here we have Cyris, you'll never need a wrist watch again. 0v0

we probably already don't need wrist watches, but still.
Prompt: clock!
I tried? XD
Thank youuu! ;v;
Prompt: Gaurding!
@peachbeach: thank you! and of course we can!
Inktober Day 12!
Prompt: Whale
I was at the zoo all day today so that’s why this is a bit rushed! Ovo
Prompt: Cruel.
Yeah one of my ink pens died right in the middle of this so it’s going to be unfinished until I can get a replacement!

Aaayyyeeee, it’s Good ol’ Silhouette.
Inktober Day 10!
Prompt: Flowing!
Yet again I was going to draw something Steven Universe related, but then I chickened out.
Aaaayyeee, it’s that strange draggo with the flamingo mane that I drew months ago.
She’s actually a really big part in ‘ Character Quest’.

Oof I think I need to change Character Quest’s title. XD
@WiispNightmare: oooh that's much better
Inktober Day 9!
Prompt: Precious
Because I have a better idea for Day 20 who’s prompt is: breakable.
And because they’re so cute.

I love eggs.

They’re so tasty scrambled.
Because there’s a monster on his back looking him in the eye