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Greetings, I'm -FluorescentScales- , but you may call me Fluor, Egg, or supreme overlord whichever you find suites me best.
{just kidding about that last one. 0v0}
I'm currently trying to start a story of my own, called "Character Quest' it hasn't started quite yet, but it'll get there one day.

I like:


Video Games, {ye}


Steven Universe,

Spooky Things,

Comics, {well duh}

Reading, {Wings of Fire rules!}


A good story,

making things that people will enjoy, {pfffffft}

and Cake,

can't forget the cake.

Ya just can't

Yus Yus

forget the cake and just see what happens.

This list wasn't cliché at all.

find me on these websites as well,

Scratch: Hazelflight

PaigeeWorld: CrimsonLight

Roblox: Mystic_pool
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    The Titanium Ninja
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I drew her, but the background is a screenshot from some landscape in game.
This is some art I made for a game I have called The Ark: Survival Evolved.
It’s about dinosaurs, you get to survive as a human and tame creatures and craft things, sort of like Minecraft in a way.
Anyway this is one of my tamed dilos, Koda. (I have a pack of 6 including Koda)

She was my first one.
Congrats! You and your comic deserve it!
I’m meddling with Fluorescent’s design.

Sorry for beening so silent, I’ve been busy with reading books and writing down notes and plot twists for CQ, and playing video games and whatnot. XD
there is something behind you, wiisp.
i agree.

but whats happens when yevetal is real? and Lugia, and darkri? and the pokemon named fluor who can't spell. XD
such and edgy dude.

yus yus
@Siks: I knew that! they are so cool and cute. i'm glad you're still alive!
This is Honeyfly, our resident female ruby throated humming bird. Resident At least until she has to migrate back to Mexico, which is who knows when. XD

She’s so teeny. <3
Jisdsi$cijsdcnisdcnidbvd it’s always that beach theme that gets me.

adorable and mysterious at the same time 0v0
ha ha that sounds super fun!

I hope you have a awesome time on your vacation! =3c
I want one,


I need one.

so bad. XD
heeeey it's Steven! XD

I like this page a lot.
OOOOOOO I really love how the macaw beano turned out!

Would it be all right if I kept them? I could draw u something In return for making this in the first place?
What a beautiful drive that would be.
Oh my goodness WiFi, I absolutely love the water like how do you do that?! <3