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I'm currently working on my original comic, Arcane Gourmet! I've put a lot of thought into that story and it would awesome if you checked it out!

I have social media if that interests you!
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Honestly I don't have a silly thing to say this week due to sheer mental exhaustion. But! Y'all should probably do some stretches and drink some water if you haven't done so today. Have a lovely day everyone!

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Poor Cirrus... He needs a Nap
Ah yeah, they REALLY don't like you there Aria...

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Can we just appreciate Joe's face for a moment. His stunned look is great.

Honestly this entire page is great XD
Aria is very confused at what's going on honestly. Just take the food, kiddo

(also yesterday was my birthday! How about that)

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You know, honestly these ravine wall backgrounds are getting really old. I can't wait until more exciting scenes happen. But! For now we get fun facial expressions

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The facial expressions in this gives me life. I especially like how done Rowan seems

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I can't tell you all how excited I was to draw this page. Wren is an absolute gremlin and I love them.

Also!! I have been lacking in this department as of late, but! Thank you all for taking time out of your lives to read my comic. It seriously means a whole lot to me. And for those of you who have been here since the beginning, thank you for sticking with this for so long. Thank you for sticking with all of my shenanigans and random hiatuses (hiatusi?). It really makes me sad not being able to update. I hope that I'm able to make up for all those missed updates and bring you a story that creates y'all some joy. I know I'm excited about this, and there's so much I wanna share with y'all!

Alright, that's enough sap for one author's comment. If y'all wanna support me in my shenanigans, please support my Patreon! I would really appreciate it ^w^
That can't possibly be a comfortable sleeping position, Aria

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Howdy, okay. I am so sorry for the update being late again today. So y'all don't have to wait long, here's an uncolored version of it. When I finish the color, I will get that up and it'll replace this one. I... actually have to tackle a big elephant in the room.
I'm trying to go on a bit of a soft art break due to health reasons, which is why Arcane Gourmet has been a bit late these past couple of updates. So! Due to this, the comic will most likely not update in the next two weeks. It really pains me to say this, but gotta take care of my body first, yanno?

I can assure you that it will definitely consistently start updating again on August 9th! But right now, I'm low on usable wrists

Thank you all for understanding.

EDIT: Colored version is now up! Thank you for waiting <3
I'm so sorry this page was late, y'all! Life has been getting in the way again, this time it being convention prep and wrist pain. I promise I'm trying to take things easy tho! I'm planning on making a bunch of buffer soon so I can take a break.

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Poor Yma. She looks so confused at what's going on
Oh Rowan... So many regrets lay within ya...

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Good freaking bye, Indigo
It's okay, Yma. I feel you. I also have a terrible pokerface and cosplaying Ylil is Hard
Did you know if you look close enough on this page, there's a star clipping inside of the moon. This was completely on accident

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It's Z for Zzzzndigo
Rowan is trying his best to do a good job

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And this is why I love Ylil