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i like funny things and try to be funny wich wont Always work but i,ll stay positive
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Ok and NOW fixed this comic makes me think of smash bros because of i dont do teams i vet slapped gy niet friend
Stupid auto correct
Thuis comité makers me think of smash bros somehow because i Gent slapped IMF i doet do teams ;-;
Ok ok i know im going to make Some peeps angry but...... WTH is maple sirrop hoe does iT taste and hoe come iT isnt in the netherlands
i am so hyped to see what happends next
i has arrived to see the awesomeness
And battle scary of course -.-
Imhave a lil question Will the scar ever be coverred or?
Look out everyone those three are going wild!!!!
And now I,m going offline
They say flareon1 jas legt and wont be coming in a while insane she Will come back and spam us with taco’s and other stuff cuz thats what she do .now I,m so blue if she had left us Who is gonna spam this chat and make us al laugh . I dont know how To end this comment cuz I am Not good at this so THE END
Raise Some juice To freedom ,and pray To God dusk doesnt juice nuke the whole world
Except a chocolate explosion that is fine in my book
@Silver the Eevee: ok what does that mean lor do I need a monicle To see that
Now just think what would have happend if there was someone just like dusk who did it at the same time in the same place as him