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I'm an otaku. That's it.
Oooooooh, here we go :)
Same here -_-
Why did you cut in the middle of a sentence???
Actually it's Wallis.
I think Purple only RECENTLY got his color. Back at the beginning of the comic, with his radio interview, the presentator said RENOUNED prof. Purple. That should ring a bell.
Isn't Indigo's text supposed to be... well, indigo instead of black?
And she actually DOES! lel.
Maybe... she was just about to say something like: "My name is really weird" or something. Since the comic is all caps, you can't be sure.
Just a thought... Inversians are wearing shades, right? Just like... Indigo! Maybe Indigo is an Inversian that got himself with a color... somehow. Just a wacky theory.
Pffft omg this is hilarious