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@Florance: Hans isn't her boyfriend - she just has a crush on him
@TerribleTobyTrouncer: We're so glad you like him! :D
@IronDog: Not physically abusive, no. Mentally, yes :(
@Kittycalls: Unfortunately we're up in Canada and haven't had time for any cons this year! D:
@Rachie: Thank you!!
@korymisun: Thank you so much! :D
@Guest: Thank you so much!!!
Just poking in to say thanks for the comments!!! We read and enjoy them all ! <3
December 2nd, 2018
Cuuuteee so cute!!!
Thank you for the comments!!! <3
@All Hail The Yaoi Gods: Hahaha thank you! :D
@Guest: Thanks for the support!!!
@lemuren: Bahaha thanks!
@TheWolfHowlsAtTwiligt: THank you!!!
@RaiuTempesta: Yes good join me in hell
@M-24: Thank you!!
Aww babies XD
March 16th, 2018
@dorowot: Yep! They're shots