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I'm just a young art hobbyist and a wannabe mangaka ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭ I love making interesting stories and I hope to share them with the world(*^3^)Thank you for your time

Same user for Instagram, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Tumblr

I'm an otaku and a yaoi lover btw:3
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    Just call me Jo or Jakira
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Check out Crimes & Cars on Tapastic!
As of today you can read my webcomic there :3

Make sure to fav and share if you enjoyed this comic! The support is always appreciated:)
Hmm I wonder why Rudy is scared of that guy?
Oh Rudy! I bet he thinks he's quite a catch:3
I like how this one turned out:3
New format
Im using a new vertical format and I'm really liking it:)

I know on SJ it doesnt work too well but when I put this up on Tapas it'll read great
Yay! Now we can get into the real story:) (This was really just the prologue:3)

I have finally dipped my toes into webcomicing and I have learned quite a few things XD.
I'm going to be changing up my process a little for the next episode, lets see how that works out.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting me in my efforts! I hope you want to see the continuation as much as I do:D
sorry its been a few weeks
I actually have gotten sick twice! in the past few weeks. Plus, I had a ton of schoolwork for the end of the 3rd quarter. Anyhow, hopefully updates will be at least bi-weekly again(even though I want them to be weekly).

I thank you very much for reading:) Hope you enjoyed!
Hehe you’re getting it😁
Thanks for reading
This was my first time digitally inking a page.... I'm gonna need to work on it...hehe(.n.)
last traditional page
I'm going to be switching to digital now! Yay! :)

Thanks for reading!
Cuuute! Love it!
Actually it's pretty damn good:)
Good quality:3 I like it:3
Pretty damn funny 😂
I like more light funny stuff:3 nothing complicated
Pretty fun:) I like it
September 22nd, 2017
Super cute!
Not my type of thing but it's pretty damn cool:3