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el oh el
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aww she is so sah-weet!
i love addie haha :)

omg i should really draw something
*u* uwa
her hair looks sooo soft!
i want to stroke!
hope is so adorable
i love her nervous face!
and the sun too!

bahaha, caramel's right.
she's the only on with a bag XD
I tried to make them look
all shoujo-y but i think i
haha, the bubbles.
so great. :'D
Kody that sly dog.
Hiding his umm.. womanizing-ness with his adorable exteriorrrrr.
fancy-pantsy indeed.
homg I love may's expression.
she is too cutie-ful in a dress. :'D

yay for yaoi! Haha.
I really HATE backgrounds. D:
And panel 2 is eww..

oh well.
redo laterrrr.
umm so this is my character, van.

i hope ya like her. n__n
Hooray :P
someone updated!
(sorry i hadnt updated in a while either, ive been in Virginia).

Emerald looks cute by the way :)
i HATE xXcorruptedXmindXx
because she draws TOO well.
serious. (:

EDIT: Theme update! Go! Go!
i love jing's melancholy faces. :)
those are bootiful feet. :O!
I agree with the whole loverly colour scheme thang.
I don't like U.S. colours.
Red, white and.. bluuuue.
aww she's so cute.
she looks eatable XD
haha short hair club!
this made me seriously lol.
and then my mom looked at me like "wtf?"

this is loveloveloveWIN.

edit: new theme loverlies<3
haha same here, but (sorta) luckily I have summer school.
That way I won't lose touch with real live humans for more than 2 monthes -__-.
*runs off to draw a response because she has no life at the moment*
Kitty_Candy & AyaneSensei: And you should dear children~ *peer pressures you*
*u* waa, that's really good.
I wish I could draw like that!
*slaps her style*

We need more people indeeeed.