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Random FandomZ Channel
Just a Small group of Artists that enjoy making entertainment via, animation, comics or film.
Seeing Red
What a sight...

Art by: Makenzie Matthews
@Chocolate Artist: go back to Chapter 4, there's no more harpoons after the incident with Mrs. Johnson
Deciding to infiltrate the Red Army base, Matt and Tom have a clever disguise to fool Red Leader. But once they get in, Tom and Matt find they may have bitten off more than they can chew with their plan.

Cover thumbnailed by: Makenzie Matthews and Jaculynn Kristiansen.
Guest Cover Created by: :iconheckpuppy:

SPECIAL THANKS TO: HeckPuppy / HeckHound, A talented Artist that we have admired since they gave us fanart in the way beginning. Their style was so unique and fun that it was decided to commission them as soon as we could and they did better than we could have ever dreamt for the cover of Chapter 5. If you do not already please go on over to their social medias, like and subscribe to them!

Deviantart: @heckpuppy
Instagram: (@hellhoundbreath)

Introducing Guest Covers: We plan to get many talented Artists and we have personally commissioned them to make covers of our future chapters. These artists have been kind to us, shared us around, drawn for us and even some animated for us. But most importantly they have helped keep @eddsworld spinning.
@Bootie-Os: No where would it make sense in our comic. Because people see PLATONIC relationships and go "HOMG THEY SHOULD MAKE OUT."

Because they can't see to understand and value friendship. They also look at two people that dislike each other and go "HOMG THAT'S SO HOT." because they fetishcize unhealthy relationships.

So we've made NO hints at those ships. It's the fans that DESIRE for it because they don't know anything else interesting to do with characters. And it's bothersome. Because Romance RUINS plot.

Because characters become out of character, BORING, and worthless as a whole. So no. There's NO HOW FAST it can turn into TomTord and / or TordEdd.

It's only what the READER wants to see. They will FAKE those ideas to verify their interests. So please. Refrain from saying that. It's rather insulting because there's no way it would turn into a ship fest.

-Jax (Art Director)
TBATF Propaganda: I Beat Him Once.
Who needs an army? I took down that tyrant on my own once, I can do it again! At the end of the day, all he is is a lame commie with a stupid red hoodie. I’ll show those traitors, I’ll show them all. What’s the worse that could happen?

Art by Jaculynn Kristiansen
Wait. What?

And That's the end of Chapter 4. We are going on our two week Hiatus and will return December 18th, 2018. You can join our discord server in the mean time to discuss TBATF Plots with other member and interact with the TBATF Crew. :)
@SeahDaLunatic: Ah you mean there's no King Presidental Prime Minister role in the world? The internet LIED TO US!

-TBATF team
@madi great theory but it is wrong. Tom is acting like his chaptic self. Please refresh yourself with Zanta Claws 3. Tom is a chaotic guys and all four of the eddsworld boys are morons. He’s spent their life savings for a video camera to get youtube famous in movie makers, and he sold their couch for a harpoon gun. He’s not smart.

You worry too much that he doesn’t fit the badass epic hero fanon trope. And that’s because it’s eddsworld. :) please enjoy these boys being morons.
@Sheepie: He's making a point and emphasizing with hand gestures.
God no. Matt’s not going to die. It wouldn’t be Eddsworld if he died!
@Angie: Good eye you got there.
But you're thinking in the wrong direction :)
@Bleeding sun: That was last years post sadly. However it WILL be returning but at the moment they are trying to get funding and such. By buying their merch you are helping support them!
@Meep: Please do not give us suggestions. We've written all 16 chapters of this story already. Please just trust what we have planned.

but if you love your idea we suggest you create it! You will be happier that way.
Thank you.
@calliethecommie Paperwork for weapons, maintining the structure of the base, paying his men, signing for experiments, signung for new technology, signing for the construction and building of the futuristic city NeoLondon. Signing HR paperwork, signing death certificates, signing to pay off feeding his men, signing to keep the bioweapons locked up and safe, signing for more clones to be made and stored, signing for propaganda poster and pamphlets to be made, signing of other countries needing to surrender to him. Signing for upgrades. Etc etc.

Paperwork. It’s not his favorite.
@BohemianRhapsodyIDK: Paperwork.
@Moon the shiny umbreon: No. That sounds boring. Thanks for the suggestion though but we're already working on chapter 6 While you are reading Chapter 4.
Enjoy TBATF comic? Be sure to join our discord to talk amongst fellow fans and the crew!
@nope: Nope. Look back at Chapter 3 where they got the photo. That man in the photograph is not related to any of the boys. It's just a coincidence he looks similar to Matt.
@KPL: Hahaha. Nope. He's the worst. :D