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Just a Small group of Artists that enjoy making entertainment via, animation, comics or film.
@Chezcake: Sorry for that inconvenience but that is a matter for SmackJeeves to handle. We are not in charge of the ads for their website. We can not do anything about it.
For your reading pleasure: MOVE IT MOVE IT ( )
Red Leader? More like you make me Red-gurgitate Leader

"This is Terrible." - Jax
Happy Valentines Day / Single Awareness Day!

We're so happy you are spending it with us today! We're glad to have the comic back up for you all! We really missed you, and we're so happy with your constant support of us and this comic.
Eyepatches make villains sexy since the Dawn of man.

They also make you look like a lame pirate. - Jax
Hey it's that guy!

We're Back! Did you miss us? Fine. We least know you missed the Comic. ;P

Thanks to Today being Kenz's Birthday we are back to Celebrate it!
Schedule Update
We are so sorry for this inconvenience, but due to life, the TBATF Team needs to slow down the updates. We feel the need to slow down rather than make you wait far too long on some of our hiatuses for the next chapters. Thank you for your patience. We will try to return as soon as possible! Thank you for all your support!

Art by: Jaculynn Kristiansen (Jax - Art Director)
Text edited by: Alyssa Grissom (Editor )
You asked for him.
Here he is.

We are also going on a small hiatus.