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Random FandomZ Channel
Just a Small group of Artists that enjoy making entertainment via, animation, comics or film.
Eddsworld: DeadRinger
The Animation short. Coming soon.
Fanart by: Jax

To find out more visit:

If you have not already go on over and look up Dead ringer and give them some love and support as they work on their project!

But We wanted to give them my full support since they have given @eddsworld.tbatf their support!

With Red Leader on the rise, how will Edd, Matt, and Tom be able to stop him? Tom seems to have a plan to take down the tyrant once and for all. What could possibly go wrong?

Cover art by: Makenzie Matthews (Kenz - Director)
@Guest: Gen 1 Edd is not there. Just Matt and Tom.
While we are on temporary hiatus, we thought we'd announce that we are returning to our OLD uploading schedule of three times a week. We don't know how long we'll be able to maintain this scheduling but we feel like giving you, our readers all that we can. Thank you all for your support and will be trying to keep you all up to date on our discord server.

Discord server:

TBATF shall return October 2nd 2018.
See you then!

Sketch and outline by: Makenzie Matthews
Colored by: Fishie (Co-creator of Dead Ringer)
@Guest: No Shipping of the main boys. The best ship is Friendship.
@Guest: We update our pages 12pm CST Timezone
@big anime tits : that sounds boring and too memey good thing we’re keeping our script that everyone seems to really love. If you are so in love with what ever you wrote, you should go make that comic. But your no offence made us more offended by this statement. Have a good day.
@CallieMeetCallie: Except Edd did say it first;

Edd: "Just like old times!"
Tord: "Yes!. Just like Old, Times."
@Calico Iverson: We would love that. Just be sure to credit us and link to our comic. As well as show us it when it is done. :D
@Guest: Yes they are. Because it would be far more impractical for it to be the melting monster that was shot to be dissolving into nothing.

It's clearly Matt and Tom. Dissolving for 11 more chapters. :)
@Guest: The comic updates Tuesdays and Fridays.
@This is my life now: Because we could be like other comics and update once a week to once a month. Which would you prefer?

The comic takes loads of time for our team.
We have a set a generous schedule giving two pages a week.

If you are impatient. By all means, make your own comic to put up once a day.

Have a good one.
@Chronos: Bravo. We're happy to see you're observant than most. :D This made us happy to see someone recognize his condition. Keep it up!