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Just a Small group of Artists that enjoy making entertainment via, animation, comics or film.
@loser95: No We update every week Tuesdays and Fridays. Unless we MAKE an announcement stating we are on a hiatus and can't post up the comic, expect two updates a week.

We will be at A-kon but everything is cued and ready so that as we enjoy our con, you all can enjoy the comic.
-Jax (Art Director TBATF Team)
@Meep: This is Red Leader's Viewing room. Jax just uses the coffee machine and put up a sign asking Red Leader to stop tapping the glass.

-Jax (Art Director TBATF Team)
@ConstellationWarrior: I couldn't tell you except that translators can not always be trusted online.

That's why I asked my Grandmother for the translation.
@ConstellationWarrior: You are rather incorrect.
I come from a Norwegian family and even had my grandmother from Norway go over this translation for me. She wrote it out for me and I copied it.

'Leder' in Norwegian is "Leader", or "Manager".

'Ledar' is NOT a Norwegian word.

HOWEVER, a GREAT misconception people do is say Swedish and Norwegian are the same. While they are similar their words are STILL different.

In SWEDISH , Leder means 'Leads'
And in SWEDISH Ledar means 'conductor.'

I hope this helps you out.
-Jax (Art Director)
@Star Asher: no as we’ve explained MANY TIMES BEFORE, we did this on purpose because the REAL Tord Larsson asked to be left alone by the fandom. So we out of respect changed Tord’s last name. Because too many people don’t want to respect the REAL Tord’s request.
@LightsCameraIzzy: Why would he? "Tom's pain is always the best part....." -Edd 'Zanta Claws 3'
@oh boi its tordle: It's not just Jax on the team. Kenz does just as much if not more. It is between the two of them and hiring more artists is more of a hassle, since we've tried in the past and it didn't work out.

But Kenz is making art with Jax.

Jax: Wait. Were they supposed to go into this strip?
Kenz: No...
At this rate, they're never going to get that raise.
Wonder if Tord also has this portrait in his bathroom.
(he does.)
Didney Universe, "The Most Joyful Place On The Planet"
Wow, I didn't know Tord won Comic Artist of the Year. Good for him.
Today is the day Eddsworld started! In honor of this celebration Jax redrew a scene from the first Eddisode in her own art style;

The Episode: Edd Again (2004)…

Raise a can and give toast. Let's keep Eddsworld spinning!

Art by: Jaculynn Kristiansen
Original by: :iconeddsworld: (Edd Gould )
@Guest: This is very thoughtful and kind. Thank you for noticing our hard work. We will try to answer some questions with our story but no guarantee we can answer anything since we want this to feel like a continuation to Eddsworld. Like one of their side adventures. Gotta keep Eddsworld spinning you know?

As for our cosplay. All three of us cosplay many versions of the boys. And while it can influence us for the story telling, a LOT of our ideas have been changed and altered to better fit the tone of the comic. We want the comic to feel like Eddsworld and still hit heart strings. And it's a very delicate process we have to take. So inspiration comes and goes for us whether from us cosplaying, inside jokes we have, or sleep deprived gags or plot points we come up with.

But thank you so much for your support.
Our cosplays should not be referenced more than 5% on plot points. If that is what you are asking. <3
-Jax (Art Director - TBATF TEAM)
@Guest: Bless for being the first to figure out my inspiration. and not screaming Hentai and tentacle porn like a buffoon. :DDD
-Jax (Art Director)
Out of the Frying Pan and into the fire.

Edd, Matt and Tom may be in more trouble than they bargained for. Trapped in Red Leader's base they must find a way out. Before something far worse finds them.

Cover Art by: Jaculynn Kristiansen (Jax - Art Director)