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I am the wall spider that sees all.
Especially yaoi-related activities :3
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I think I died. That was so cute.
Derek's face just-- WHY IS HE SO CUTE OML
Aiden is a giant mood.
Penn just-- ugh they're amazing.
Do I smell *sniff sniff* bullshit?
This tiny babes oof
I'm getting too triggered XD
gross get your own room
*screams in Japanese and cries in Italian*
love that that's the thing they found instead of some kind of ancient relic XD
x to doubt
Please just fucking kiss him adjksadidkjfdsa
Why is this me at school smh
The page, then the hover text had me like:

lmfao yall know u wrong XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
@Mccull61: I swear, this was an amazing ending and I loved it so much. I remember seeing smol crouton back in TME and I just wanted to know, "what was the history between those two?" I'm glad I finally know and now Crouton, Makoto 2.0, Junebug and Daddy Valentine can all live together in harmony (kinda), being the adorable little shits they are. I'm so happy this was completed! I didn't think you ever would and that was so scary to me! But it did and even though I'm sad it ended, this was one of the most amazing stories to ever hit the internet and come into my life. I give it a solid 420/10.
I might die. I really might die. That stingray tattoo is killing me
Brynn's face is when I see everyone on the last day of school wailing like a bunch of kindergarteners like, tf they're gonna be here next year unless stated otherwise???