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ask me ^w^
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great, now im cold!
If you drink water between bites it helps you stay full
@Ledraali: you make it sound like there’s an epidemic in Australia Lol
Ugg, that’s sounds so painfuuuuul, it take some real balls to get them pierced in the first place!
Ug, I can just imagine how awkward it is walking in on some strangers doing it in your house
Mmmmm girl we need to get you you’re own billboard and a career in puplic speaking! Be proud!
Harsh man
I do the same thing, being able to read fast comes in handy. Especially when reading anime subtitles
Well I guess it’s a good thing that those types of things don’t make a person.
*flirt* reflection: “wtf?!” *flirt, flirt* reflection: “...” when in doubt, flirt.
Well I think they were worth it, I hate drawing stuff I don’t want to so thumbs up 👍🏻
You taking him WHERE?!? THE DOCTORS OFFICE is just a code word for the DEVILS LAYER!!!!! DONT BE FOOLED.
Oops, didn’t mean to say ‘he’ ^////^
Bro, this comic is my life in words, sometimes I just want to shave myself bald.
IM SO PROUD/HAPPY! Also, kudos for finishing this author!
April 5th, 2018
Kind sir, would you like to accompany me to those festivities? Really? Well splendid, absolutely superb!
But there is SNOW much puns to make it SNOW laughing mater. These puns are so POWDERFUL, but at FROST glance these puns are harmless. Ok I’ll stop now
He is such a cinnamon roll, so precious, I don’t think this is healthy for my heart.