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Okay, so, I know Pandora is being a terrible person here, but I really want to know how she ends up being saddled with Susan after all.
Does she suddenly grow a conscience, or is Susan just too pure to die, or does Susan turn back and bother the traveller for help even more?
@venami: Was? Look at the background in the last three panels xD
Dominant: Intangible
Recessive: Invincible
Cat Breed: Javanese
Main Fur Color: Blue

I'm so confused on how those abilities would work together. So I can go through walls, possibly let physical attacks phase through me, but also... not take damage? Whaat? Is it an "either / or" situation? I have no idea.
EDIT: Okay, I have read the "About the Powers"-section now, and... I can apparently make Intangible-shields. ...I can make immaterial shields.
Shields that can't stop anything except for possibly other cats with Intangible. Woohoo! xD
@Blaze01: ...I just usually keep trying the same dungeon again and again until I get very lucky.
Moltress was always worse for me than Articuno, but I'm usually not Cubone.