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Hello and please, call me Mary.

I picked up drawing since I was four and have not stopped since. My favourite art style is cartoon and my favourite genres are comedy, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite thing to draw are monsters/fictional races.
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    Marika Kapogeorgakis
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Celeste, you never cease to make me laugh.
Ha ha! I used to be the same way. By the way, those butterflies are beautiful.
@Eric S: It's your story. You take it where you want, friend ;)
@Eric S: Ahhhh. You should do an arc of her mom finally forgiving her dad. I mean, it was a misunderstanding not spite, lol.
I think Hero is going to have bigger problems. From what I noticed, things here are never what they seem. Just because it looks pretty it doesn't make it safe.
@Eric S: True. I mean, I know how it works. I guess I said the wrong phrase because I was half asleep. What I meant to say was that her mom and dad had it so good. Why throw away a relationship over one misunderstanding?
If she hasn't forgiven him, how did they have kids?
@JoKeR: Sometimes, I think Eel is an angel not a demon because his heart is so kind and sympathetic. Plus, his judgement was well places. This girl was abused by her mother.
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See the next page on the main site at
I can see why it's your favourite. Poor, poor girl.
@Seruta: Honestly, I don't find that arguments holds any water anymore and I don't find it ever did. Whatever are the ways of his people, nothing makes taking away a kid ok, making sick deals or agonising the woman you can't have.
He has a lot of guts. Rumple was no better and he tried to take her kid away. Yes, I am well aware that she consented to the heinous deal, but still, who makes a deal like that? And after she got to love the kid? No amount of love justifies his actions. Love is kind, love knows no spite and love means sacrifice. If he loved her oh so much despite her flaws, why didn’t he reach a halfway point? In other words, nobody leaves ANYTHING behind? They see each other and maintain their bond as they are?

I am all for marriage and how precious it is, but I am also not blind, ignorant or prejudice. Some romances are more successful and happier without marriage. There are lots of beautiful romantic couples who don’t marry and their love works out great. Rumple and Chris could have worked it out if it wasn’t for being stuck on the “giving it all up”mentality. I mean look at the King (of hypocrites) and Chris. They are married and their relationship is based on abuse and control. Like I said before, Rumple and Chris could have been happy together if only both of them accepted that they didn’t need to be married (or something like it) for it to work.
Uh, she's not confused. You're just prejudice.
This is so sad. She may have not been very nice, but she had a bully like Eel said.
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See the next page on the main site at
Well, at least she's stuck looking cute.
I hate saying this... but Chris is a bad person. Not as bad as the King, but she is still a bad person. Toby was a good person though I can only imagine how hardened he is now. I wouldn't even be surprised if he felt resentment towards Chris now.
Oh boy. This will not end well.