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Hello and please, call me Mary.

I picked up drawing since I was four and have not stopped since. My favourite art style is cartoon and my favourite genres are comedy, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite thing to draw are monsters/fictional races.
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    Marika Kapogeorgakis
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@freddykrueger: You're a strong man.
Someone punch the king. Please! He ruined this moment and I hate him. However, I love you that you pulled off making such a hateable character.

That and... as much as I will always be disgusted by his actions especially after he got on the soapbox about being better than his brother... I kind of still hope he finds redemption as a man.
This broke my heart. It is so relatable for a moment to completely change your life.
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@Eric S: You were right, but then again, you're the writer. You're always right when it comes to your own story. Ha ha.
Aha. That was going to be my second guess.
Yeah, I've heard of these situations. I think an episode of that old sitcom The Golden Girls addressed it too. It's when doctors can't identify what you have and then dismiss it telling you that it's all in your head.
I love you, H0ly, but either this isn't the end or I was expecting something different. Though I won't lie, seeing Chris hold her boy melts my heart.
Celes, you are one sneaky fox.
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Welcome to my very first webcomic contest!

In two months (and a few days from now), it will be my comic's anniversary and to celebrate, I want to host a contest. It is very simple. Everyone and anyone can participate and it goes as follows; my favourite moment in my comic so far which is in Act 3 page 7 where Hyde attempts to flirt with Lucy and she shoots him down flat so the contest challenge is for you to redraw the entire page, moment for moment and with the exact same dialogue. I am willing to bend a bit if you change poses, backgrounds and such, but overall, it should somewhat match the page.... BUT there are some challenges and rules!

The Challenges:

You have to redraw it using another Hyde from another adaptation! It can be from anywhere and any medium (books, comics, movies, etc.), but it absolutely must be a real version not one you made up and you have to use proof of your source (hence why I am willing to bend on backgrounds and such). It can be any one and keep in mind, the more obscure, the better. Because most of these versions do NOT have Lucy Harris, you can use my version of Lucy with clothes that suit the setting the adaptation you chose.

The Rules:

1- Keep it clean and kind. This specific comic page has no violence, hate or nudity so do not change that please.

2- The alternate adaptation is yours once you claim it or else, it's up for grabs. And you must have proof that it is an official version. Not one you made up. And no stealing other people's claimed versions. I suggest you call which adaptation you use before you make a submission so you can reserve it and not waste time.

3- It has to be coloured.

4- Submissions are accepted by note or email only please. Mine is I will showcase them during the voting stage (more on that later) so please, don't spoil your own surprises ;).

5- The deadline for submitting your entry is the end of June. No sooner. No later.

6- After that, there will a voting period of which all submissions will be displayed and everyone will vote for which one they like the most. [i]Like with submissions, votes are only accepted through notes or email only for people's discretion and you can only do so once.[/i]

7- The deadline for voting is the end of July.

The Prizes:

1st Place - Volume 1 which includes the first three Acts remastered and the extra concept art in PDF format.

2nd Place - The first three remastered Acts in PDF format with the extra concept art in PDF format.

3rd Place - The extra concept art in PDF format only.

Is everybody excited? On your mark, get set, GO!!
His health? Max Jaw has a medical condition?!
Poor, Lani. She just can't catch a break. Or rather... she had one, but she let it slip by.
You're going to torment us until the very end, won't you, H0ly? Ha ha. It's worth it. The buildup is an art on its own. My hope is that she will recognise Toby and take down the king with him.
Something tells me that this will not end as they think it will.
Ahh, the office. Love the hues. Reminds me of "The Heat of the Night".