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Starset is all you need to know about me.
Just kidding! Starset, imagine dragons, and of monsters and men would have to be my top three favorite bands. Mumford & sons being the fourth.
I also play Warframe a lot on xb1, but if you wanna know who I am you have to be friends with me first.
@hheykiddo on tumblr, n Limbo is ❤️
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    Evan Waters
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that deer is vaugely terrifying. Very cool looking, but vaugely terrifying.
(love the comic!!)
I’m done with the blob hair
Let’s all jump on the “hate Fenn’s hair” train
I absolutely hate his blob face I promise it won’t stick around for too long
aaaaaaaaaa im trying T T
Everything’s absolutely fine
Nothing wrong at all
No dead people
At all
Oh no I just realized i’ve got inconsistent lighting™️
I return!!!

Expect a lot of confusing story, and a lot of style changes.
But uh yeah I basically have no idea how things work and can’t be bothered to do research.
I relate to that flop
What even is this anymore what are backgrounds
Help I can’t remember the number

also my buffer ran out so that’s fun too
Indigo calm urself that’s not a v good lie
He’s still there, somewhere....

(Sorry I’m late I slept half the day pls don’t murder me)
Uh... great idea I guess?
In other words: as people have said already: will be useful bc then they won’t know what he actually talked about, but also
Somebody better notice he looks different
I shoudl’ve Done this earlier now i’m Dying in warframe
This one apparently also reads more like a manga
I forgot to add the damn picture and now I can’t figure out how to go back and change it