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I am nothing more then what I appear, my hobbies include, talking to my friends, playing games, drawing etc. those are also my likes. I'd probably try to have a drawn comic or something, but I'd much rather have a scanner or something then try to draw on the computer.
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Alright then, since you decided to ask me for my opinion.. F5. Personally I think it just looks like the best out of the lot, and that's saying something with how awesome they all are.
At school right now. =/
While I may have not done much, doesn't mean I didn't plan to..last week I was sick with that H1N1 stuff, and now I just cannot access SJ at home, so..yeah.

And as for the usage of my sprites..I rather to see the usage for reasons of my own and wish for you to respect my wishes.
Oh..I so knew this was coming after all the little bits of abuse.
It's been nice to make some, but eh, I've been sick this past while with some of that damn H1N1 stuffs -,-
Tch, I think we all know my vote anyway.
I'm back?
I guess I'm somewhat back..kinda not in the mood, but I'm sure that'll change.
Woo, cool, mine took second place.
Hey Fe'~ Good job as usual.
South..definitly South.
I'll just vote for the losing option, and Look Around.
I'm gonna say...Hunter.
Shoulda seen the last panel coming..xD
@Lugbzurg- It's a scythe. Not a sword. A SCYTHE!
Doo..doo..doo..just standing around messing with blood..doo..doo..doo.
Forgot something important.
Like I said..I might get some free time sometime.. may question why it's in FFTA(Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) style, well it's because I took a job doing some for an owner of a game on a site..don't question me about which game, when I wanna say, I'll say, though I'm not the only one working for them..

But yeah, I won't be taking many people(Though I don't get many anyway..)..though if you want something, just tell me what and the style and if I get some free time..who knows~
April 20th, 2009
Yay for complete, but BOOOOOOOO for quick ;-;

And yay me.