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Tim Tom
I was born in new york but raised in armenia by a father who had starved most of his childhood with only a father (but a very good one!) and a mother who had survived the soviet union. They've been great to me and still are.
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    Lucas Caracciolo
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@Mr_Happy_Skull: I was waiting for that to happen. Wait laze plz make melon wear a bride's dress and give dreg a tux! It would be perfect.
you may have misinterpreted his meaning
@lazesummerstone: i think he meant your comic laze
thicc war beast
that war beast is bigger than any one I've ever seen. Bungie add this right now.
he's going to play fetch with his own leg isn't he? i mean he does have a stick, which could act as a crutch.
alternate dimension versions
oh my god I didn't know amy, liz and greg had alien counterparts! that's cute :3
I feel like this is a joke about Russia
Have you ever waited for a subway in Russia? It feels like you're in a time loop. *wink wink*
last time i let a bird drink coffee it flew to russia, bought a hat, and brought it home to me in 37 seconds.
Hey anyone remember D1?
I remember watching Mr. Fruit one night and so the next day I got my fireteam and played skirmish! so my friend lost and the first thing I did was put my mic into my throat and said in a hushed voice "hey bro you got any fatebringers?" and he was like "NO. I know where you're going with this and NO" and the thing is, I was talking about his fatebringer that he had gotten from doing the VoG raid in Year 1. So I forced him to dismantle it because he lost the challenge fair and square. But at least I didn't make him dismantle his Mythoclast! (cue laughter from the audience)
I know where this came from!
@HonorBoundFate: This came from the game Unravel, right? I know because I played it on my friend's pc once!
i predict a cliffhanger! and also i still have no god damn xbox one or fast pc so no d2. But I'm fine playing d1 on my 360 with my last sets of Iron Banner gear! And I never got that Felwinter's lie! (bungie bring back iron banner to 360 or I swear to god I will cut all of your f***ing throats individually. Don't forget trials of Osiris either. I only have the year 1 Eye of Sol sniper from that. I need my gear.)
I still use xbox 360 so no D2 for me :(
thanks for the update on the comic. Also, prepare for liz to become a big alien monster thing
thank god you replied I was getting worried there!
Tim Tom
September 23rd, 2017
im starting to get worried
laze? are you OK? I'm worried at this point.
Tim Tom
September 22nd, 2017
Tim Tom
September 22nd, 2017
I agree
@SuperSTEPHEN831: i completely agree with you.
well then
well how about mosscreek divide? didn't you say you would post something on the 20th? sorry it's just been so long
It's the 21st already. post something.
Tim Tom
September 20th, 2017
nevermind I got it!
Tim Tom
September 20th, 2017
i got the account
new account! yeah! also how do I set my profile picture