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Tim Tom
I was born in new york but raised in armenia by a father who had starved most of his childhood with only a father (but a very good one!) and a mother who had survived the soviet union. They've been great to me and still are.
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    Lucas Caracciolo
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old boi
that picture is what we're going to look like by the time this story continues.
greg lookalike
is it just me or does greg look like David Bowie?
@lazesummerstone: Probably one of those Loners from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow of chernobyl.
Servitor shell
i like how the shell looks like a servitor, is that because servitors are holy to the fallen and provide ether, or?...
@HonorBoundFate: the words of Caboose live on forever. (i miss RvB)
I feel you
@lazesummerstone: I feel you man. It's even worse with a deadline! Ever tried to make 2 mods for 2 games in just a month? I feel you.
@lazesummerstone:I may or may not have been extremely drunk while I typed that comment. I promised to go on a vodka binge with my friend Vasya and I drank more than I thought I would. My apologies!
He's going to eat the sleeve, isn't he? and also, is he supposed to look like a Fallen?
ARE YOU WORKING WITH THE GOVERNMENT LAZE? IF SO YOU MUST TELL US! (also please tell me why the white house looks an awful lot like the Kremlin right now.)
@Too lazy for name: exo just isn't the brightest, that's all.
i am drunk again
i don't know why but I feel that Cayde should speak more Russian. Maybe that's just the 1/2 bottle of Absolut i just drank speaking, but still! can't you imagine him squatting on the streets of Russia in an Adidas tracksuit with a beer in his hands?
@SuperSTEPHEN831: mine is kairos black or watermelon. descendant vex chrome is a bit "eh" for me.
laze do this plz
can you dress up watermelon and dreg in a wedding outfit? i heard that dreg is going to be bridal-carrying melon and I thought it would be cute if melon was in a dress and dreg was in a tux. that would be ADORABLE. :3
@Mr_Happy_Skull: I was waiting for that to happen. Wait laze plz make melon wear a bride's dress and give dreg a tux! It would be perfect.
you may have misinterpreted his meaning
@lazesummerstone: i think he meant your comic laze
thicc war beast
that war beast is bigger than any one I've ever seen. Bungie add this right now.
he's going to play fetch with his own leg isn't he? i mean he does have a stick, which could act as a crutch.
alternate dimension versions
oh my god I didn't know amy, liz and greg had alien counterparts! that's cute :3
I feel like this is a joke about Russia
Have you ever waited for a subway in Russia? It feels like you're in a time loop. *wink wink*
last time i let a bird drink coffee it flew to russia, bought a hat, and brought it home to me in 37 seconds.