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Goodness, where to start?
I'm a self-taught digital artist. I love tea? And terrible, corny jokes.
Like many, I'm a giant nerd. Tabletop rpgs, video games, anime, western comics- I do it all. And now I guess I'm giving "Webcomic Artist" a try.
*Sometimes grief can be so sharp you’d feel as though you will bleed to death from the pain of it…
*The strange building looms- it’s appearance almost resembling a giant…dog house?
The voice of the apparition buzzes and echoes. What does this ominous figure want with you?
You feel like you’re being watched…
You’d think Frisk would know by now to leave suspicious foliage alone...
*And now you have more questions than you started…
*The hollow shell of a ghost town whistles in the lonely wind.
*The winds rage against the barrier, the bite of frost sharp and painfully felt even with fangs blunted…
What strange things you keep under your coat, Sans…
Sans may make some awful science puns… but only periodically.
*Grillby looks wistfully past the Eastern Gate towards the frozen wasteland beyond.
*The Jarl holds out a strangely shaped piece of iridescent coal. It smolders in the cool morning air.
As I have been getting the next chapter ready a thought occurred to me- I’ve really been putting off making cover art for the series. So I wanted to give you all something this week. I will see if I can squeeze in the cover arts of Chapter 2 and 3 while I work on the next pages, but I can’t guarantee it…

I’m pretty happy with how this came out.
This vessel will do nicely.
You’re playing with fire there, Sans.
After a long break we are back to our regularly scheduled comic update! Sorry for the wait guys.

The following monster-sonas:

Octogirl belongs to @Uminigai ‘s daughter

Evelyn (cat girl) belongs to @racheltoast

Clock monster belongs to Orthus

Moth monster belongs to Jordan Meurer
The following monster-sonas:

Shrimp dog belongs to Clickclackmoomoo

Galaxy (bat monster) belongs to Galaxy Story

Pointed-eared monster belongs to @geist19
Whooboy. Convincing a protective ghost to let his human go into certain danger might be harder than Papyrus originally thought.
In which a fish is struck by a memory…