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Goodness, where to start?
I'm a self-taught digital artist. I love tea? And terrible, corny jokes.
Like many, I'm a giant nerd. Tabletop rpgs, video games, anime, western comics- I do it all. And now I guess I'm giving "Webcomic Artist" a try.
I floundered a bit on the sofishticated elements of that aquatic armor. 🐟
New costume time!
Archer Papyrus returns! And Sans just can’t help messing with his little bro. xD
*Something dropped suddenly into the canal, riddled with arrows. What’s going on?!
Nekuan (the Temmie) belongs to @juancuervot318
*We interrupt this conversation with a “NGAHH!!”
Lol! No worries. That's not the lady spider. :>
Thanks! I appreciate hearing that.
*Best to not keep a fish lady waiting!
*The monster weaves a strange magic, the purple threads of the spell like intricate tapestry.

Little purple dragon belongs to @uminigai

Alphecca (hooded monster) belongs to @the-kursed
*The walls of Clifftown stretch before you, a little worse for wear and damaged but maintained. The monsters here are more tense, though they seem to go about their lives in spite of the overhead bombardment.
*Welcome to Waterfall.
*Reality bends suddenly around the cart with a deep pressure building in your ears.
*Sometimes grief can be so sharp you’d feel as though you will bleed to death from the pain of it…
*The strange building looms- it’s appearance almost resembling a giant…dog house?
The voice of the apparition buzzes and echoes. What does this ominous figure want with you?
You feel like you’re being watched…
You’d think Frisk would know by now to leave suspicious foliage alone...
*And now you have more questions than you started…