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I've been drawing comics since I can remember. I've been publishing them in mini comic form for over seven years. I like to draw, play video games, sleep and breathe.
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    Ryan Holgersen
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Here's one of the first Slackmatic comics featuring Sophie.
Hey! It's been a long, long time. I've been posting new comics on here under the name Slackmatic and at my main site If you liked Kitty litter you'll probably like this too and Sophie makes a good amount of guest appearances.
The new site is here and it is Check it out!
And it is finished. More than you know actually. This is the very last Kitty Litter episode that will post here. No, no, no don't get mad or sad. Please stop crying. Kitty Litter will live on. But at it's own dedicated domain. I purchased a domain and host this week, it's something I've always wanted to do so I just did it. There will be no real changes to the characters or stories although we are going back to more of a strip format to hopefully get back on a schedule. The archives are going to stay in place here. We are essentially starting over with the new site. This is Kitty Litter volume 1 and that will be Kitty Litter volume 2. I've been busting my ass all week getting it set up, I'm making progress but I'm going to wait to release the url until I've gotten a good buffer of comics going. I want to get back on a M-W-F schedule. So that's it, I'll be posting something here when it's ready and I hope everyone will come on over to see the new Kitty Litter. Later, Ryan H.
Yeah, jpeg format at 72 dpi makes a pretty small file.
Am I still doing episodes about a severed, dried out monkey head? I really need to stop writing these more than ten minutes before I draw them at one in the morning. And if you haven't seen "Night of the Lepus" the only movie I know of with giant killer bunnies, do yourself a favor and go find a copy. Ryan H.
The color version will be up on Thursday. ryan
Oh rest assured the ninjas will be back.
What the hell!? Not only did the story take another weird turn but it's in black and white too!? Let me explain, as I was nearly finished coloring this episode my computer crashed and I lost all of my progress. Unfortunately I just didn't have the heart to start the process over again, seeing that it was 12:30 at night and I had to work in the morning. I didn't want to miss an update though so here it is in black and white and I'll color it when I get home and post it some time late Saturday. Sorry for my crappy computer. Ryan H.
I'd love for you to put it in your links. Thanks
Well you heard the zombie chipmunk, we suck. This is the third consecutive day we've missed an update. So I came to a conclusion today...Kitty Litter is changing its update schedule to every other day. It wasn't just missing three days which made me decide this which, had more to do with the holidays than anything else, but just a lack of time on my part. Is this a bad thing? Well doing this means 4 to 5 less strips a month, which I think is reasonable. How is this good? This will allow me to work more on Kitty Litter related side stuff like new books, t shirts and other goodies. Also I want the strip to be as good as humanly possible and I felt the tight schedule was hurting the story, this will give me more time to make sure every episode is top notch. Not to mention this will give me a little more time to relax and such time has been in short supply lately. So our next episod will be tomorrow and the new schedule will start from then on. Sorry for the long post I just wanted to explain everything. Thanks Ryan H.
Ok, the holiday week has taken a lot more time from my drawing then I thought it would. So here's a colored sketch from my sketch book and I should be back with an all new episode tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving! Ryan H.
I couldn't get an episode done again yesterday so here's a drawing from my sketch book. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow.
yeah, that's a typo, lack of sleep and what not.
Ohhh, it's not over yet. Just you wait Bwhahaha!
That comment made my day, seriously. Thanks, Ryan H.
Tea Time of the Dead hapter=3891 Check out that link to read a Kitty Litter story with zombies.