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Skull_Kid's comment made me should do a take on The Emperor's New Clothes >///< Makes it so it's like...the emperor x the taylor...or taylors >/////>
AHEM!! Just a sugestion ^^:
Yay!! New story!! <3
Sunny: *gulps down mouthful of toothpaste...* Gee, thanks Alex, now I have fluride poisoning!!

Alex: Poison victems are sexy!! >[]< *molests*
Herz stuck his tongue up his nose and it came out his eye socket....yes?
I wish I had a bed ^[]^::
D'aaaawwwww ^w^
I bet he talks constantly now ^^:lol
I'm doin' this meme thing because I <3 this comic!!! *determined* It'll be my first meme ^w^
THANK YOU DEVDASI-SAMAAAA!! >w< I'm gonna work extra hard and make my submission really good!
Oh! What a pretty maid girl in pannel 6 ^w^ *plays with her hair*
I've been watching from the beginning ^^ but I was watching on only started watching on sj a few weeks ago...^^:: I love ALL of your work Devdasi-sama ^w^
I watched this about five LOLOLed my arse off each time!! I'm sooooooooo going to watch you on dA!! ^^ And, no...that's not how i immagined Niya's voice either...needs to bee deeper..more...velvet & barbed wire....if that make sense ^^;;;
FFFFHWWWAAHH! Such long legs on Damien!! *glomp-tackles his knees* >w< <33
sweet bread = lovey-dovey smex cake ftw? 0w0
GUUURAAAH!! I want Scuttle for Christmas!! 8)) I love this comic!! Keep up the good work ^w^
AAA! I Understood all of that! And being straight-edge is kick-ass.
*^*..................Xin talks the same way I do............
+fav rate:5(,000,000,000)
-Joins Tezzle in the PokeMon theme!!!- XD
I will travel across the land
Searching far and wiiide!
dum-de-dum to understand
the power that's insiiiide
POKEMON!!!.......I'm so sorry...
*gapes at the comic with worship in her eyes* I love Silent Hill....I want one of those fakin scary ass nurses for xxx-mas...they gave me night mares...thank god for watching art-gore with four other people in the middle of the afternoon...
How come cool shit like this never happens to me? (falls to her knees) WHYYYYYYYYYYY??!!
That was very ignorant of him to say! I am yet another amarican citizen (also parshally Irish, as it happens) who never comes up with the story beforehand! Then again, I usually have a hard time coming up with a story at all...nevermind... :p
i'm faving this comic! it makes me THINK! 0_o