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just a bug obsessed sci fi loveing aspi whos looking for a job and wanting to draw stuff for an audiance
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But the main reason is because I want my ideas in a visual medium, something I can ground to in my mind
I suppose my greatest inspiration would be biology books and the like, as for my style, that was more so inspired by a bunch of games and a dash of cartoons
April 17th, 2018
@artofjoe: oh he HAD that for... how long has he lived?
April 17th, 2018
... im beginning to think he may have just had an unhealthy attraction to himself, or to the bottles
never trust a train, neverrrrrrr
ask me anything in a comment or pm and ill try to answer it on the next page
welp, theres a way to scare a guy off
ooooh crap
welp, that seems a tad...(Insert horrible joke here)
there is a perfection to the final line spoken by rgb
@Slitherhen: the title of this comic is all too appropreate
@Slitherhen: avoiding spoilers as best as i can, but thats less spoiler and moreso easly guessable
is that a tiny turnup princess?
why is crate getting more hansom when you draw him pointing out continuity related stuff?
theres a reason i follow this comic, and on this page you demonstrated that quite well!
@artofjoe: i know you can, i just didnt know turnip princess could
talk about oops
and talk about in story fanart
do giant birds count as better or worse?
i like this person and this species already, well, i liked Sebastian from page 1, but the species makes it better
oh god husbando is self aware!