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just a bug obsessed sci fi loveing aspi whos looking for a job and wanting to draw stuff for an audiance
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...lock princess? also rapunzle is looking nice
ooooh this aint good!
oh god how does time work here?
bunch of lineless doodles i did, includeing a certan brilliant batrophage, mainly did this as a test for the viability of such a style
bug peeps are my fave peeps!
and free reing, next page will be a bit closer because these zoomed out shots are getting a bit borieng
Happy pride month! The other flags I couldn't really think of a pose for
First post drawing with autodesk scketchbook rather than krita, hope you enjoy
@Rocatex: styleistic shift incoming!
if i remember correctly, last time he got a bit in a pickle, the static eye came out
suggestions needed for the next page
aaaand this comic has earned my fave!, i like the style, i like cyoa style comics, and i like our current avitar, as for commands

find out if the help desk lady needs water
well, i hope that things go well, and i hope you get to express your true self better!
@Anxiety moth: thanks! ill admit im a better worldbuilder than storymaker so im glad you like it!
my sympathy on that, i do hope things get better for ya, i know as of the current moment its unfixable, but best hope is that it subsides temporaraly
@Mostly Mad Hatter: thanks! i personally like it being rather flexible, ble to be adorible and wtf depending on my subject
May 7th, 2018
ok, im likeing this a lot!
so far im likeing the style, though imma ahve to see a page or two to give a fave
@artofjoe: yep, we just gotta turn around