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just a bug obsessed sci fi loveing aspi whos looking for a job and wanting to draw stuff for an audiance
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a bit late for that "warning" signal bot
wait wheres the turtle dragon
just because you CAN acid vomit doesn't mean you always SHOULD
his face is just "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" at the end
@artofjoe: noooo! keep it! i always like seeing characters like that!
i like the guy with the doublespeak
Hey! Sorry I haven't been poasting much besides comments, I had a bit of an issue with low motivation and I feel I dissapointed ya guys, I do wanna do larger projects but I need to refine a style that's less winding and stagnation prone

Other than THAT mess, I wish everyone a happy pride month!
1: that guy is a prick!
2:that bent sword is a lot more effective than i thought
and THIS is what happens when you roll a 1
FINALLY caught up, and wait, snow white is poisoned? i cant say i expected that, but i cant say i didnt expect that
parenting 102:if you are a queen or king in a fantasy novel, just never be a parent, you already know whats gonna happen if you do
albeit more so for charming than Pinocchio, mainly because charming an still FEEL pain
1,2, and 4
Happy b day and I need that mug
That isn't a good sign
Happy Halloween! Aka my favorite holiday!
happy halloween!, updates will be regular on November, once per week on wensday or friday
Vampires are in season right?
thanks for all the support ofr the unwary mud universe and me, on december first ill begin burning ice, for thoes who like the universe but preferr better worldbuilding skills
this is the FOURTH ONE charming, FOURTH one