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just a bug obsessed sci fi loveing aspi whos looking for a job and wanting to draw stuff for an audiance
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1,2, and 4
Happy b day and I need that mug
That isn't a good sign
Happy Halloween! Aka my favorite holiday!
happy halloween!, updates will be regular on November, once per week on wensday or friday
Vampires are in season right?
thanks for all the support ofr the unwary mud universe and me, on december first ill begin burning ice, for thoes who like the universe but preferr better worldbuilding skills
this is the FOURTH ONE charming, FOURTH one
ok, hes living up to the nosfaratu comparison
September 3rd, 2018
... is it bad i still find him cute?
Grammar will be the death of me
parenting 101: dont do whatever the hell papa king is doing here
sorry this is late, but ive abandonded scedual besides uploading once a week
...lock princess? also rapunzle is looking nice
ooooh this aint good!
oh god how does time work here?
bunch of lineless doodles i did, includeing a certan brilliant batrophage, mainly did this as a test for the viability of such a style
bug peeps are my fave peeps!
and free reing, next page will be a bit closer because these zoomed out shots are getting a bit borieng