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Experimenting with new stuff is always great. I'm glad Kea seems happier these days, a smile suits her much more than utter depression and misery :D
A trick you could try instead of printing with pale blue ink and re-scanning again:
Just do everything in pale blue pencil lead on your actual paper! It takes time and practice (I've always found it harder to erase blue lead) but in the end, once scanned all you see are the inks! Blue lead for mechanical pencils are more easily found in .7 size, but not all places supply them, it depends on the demand for colored lead. It's still great fun to use!
So far I`m loving this! Keep it up, your characters look great, and the storyline is so interesting! '3
This comic is way too funny! Koshi really knows how to mess things around and keep it lively heheh!
If you ever need help, I'd be happy to try :P
What I like best in shops are things like phushies, and buttons, and bookmarks... little things that I can decorate my space with.

Keep it up and congrats on the first volume!
September 29th, 2008
Your coloring skills are awesome!
I love your comic, keep it up!
September 25th, 2008
I love the perspective and the cute lil skinny Moe on this page~~~ <3
Keep it up, your art is awesome!
I'm loving this. <3
I've just read ALL the pages, and I'm loving it! Keep it up! <3 *favs*
Your drawings are so inspiring for me! It's like they keep telling me to try harder too~ KEEP IT UP!
*sparkly eyes*
Looks good so far! Can't wait to see more!
I love you comics! So funny! +fav for sure~