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Hi :) Well I'm just your typical crazy kiddo/liberal/hippie/indie girl/band nerd/art nerd...ummm if you need anymore stereotypes just talk to me :) lol
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sooo i haven't been on smackjeeves in forever...and i missed this comic the most probably :D 'tis wunnerful :)
Wow this page is AMAZING! :D I really love the hair...and the nakedness. lol i wasn't about to lie XD
Well, it's a wonderful page of rushedness. :) She's so cute in the last panel. Especially her eyes. :D
haha, thank you, the next time I play I'll probably crack up when I see Gannon. he's usually my favorite except when he explodes at you if you say "never mind". But usually he's really nice :)
UPDATE! I smiled when I saw that a new page was up. True story. lol :)
haha, yeah it's always fun to see the awkward freshman and their oversized bags. What do they have in there, dead bodies? Wait... I'm not sure I want to know. XD
i really really love his shirt. lol, sorry for the randomness. and i agree, throwing things=love :3
haha, i thought that the "noogie noogie" was "noopie noopie". Why does that crack me up so much? lol XD
yeah! i got it on... sunday i think. I love it but stupid homework is making it hard to have much time. but i finished early today so... :3
im half-mexican and i can speak about... well, half of spanish...? lol but as far as I can tell this is fine. my house is full of spanglish tho XD
*is a day late* :(
But i really hope you had a good birthday :)
last panel look AMAZING! 0_o
this comic is teh bomb :)
haha for some reason i loved the magazine on her floor: "Creepy Snowmen". it made me giggle :)
lol what a lovely weekend. looks like mine, just minus all the band rehearsals :P
dane cook quote!!! :D I watched like all of vicious circle the other day.
August 2nd, 2008
hooray! 100 fans! (and i was the 100th) lol congrats :)
pomegranate!!! Ah, I loooove mythology. And this comic. :) Ooh, and I love how you portray Hades. He looks wonderful. And smexy :D
I'm not sure why, but I really like the crowd that's gathering. lol XD
looks super cute! *is excited* :D
haha, shen I was totally about to say that ^^
I really really want you to make 100 fans, so... +favs! :D yay! *feels special*