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no one noticed.
Callum is hoodlum scrafty's name. he's a famous poketuber!
whats lgbt i know what furry is, but not lgbt
for those who ship these two:
Tobi was thinking of his brother... let that sink in you sicko's
@ninjaxxxrecon: I'll get the blankets and pillows!
so let me get this right. Papy is the king. he wanted to have a son so he could rule after he dies.Sans got a sex change so they could have incest to make a child. gaster made a tube boy and now drama over the two babies is happening. is that right?
holy shit!!!!!!! i just binge read this without knowing i was this close to the end. great story and i can't wait for the second part. keep the good work up!
papy is thinking this over
she's on the gamer cafe discord!!!!!!! XD
i honesty did not expect that
turns out xero lives with 1% hp!!! that would be hilarious
I love all kirby games! They are challenging in some ways,so noobs and even pros can enjoy the kirby games.

also kirby is mah shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
plot armor activate
H A R D E R D A D D Y ! ! !
I've helped!!!!
@MrCircusPapa: search him on youtube