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A description huh... well then. I like Kirby, it's one of my favorite games, and he is one of my favorite characters. Other games I like include Mario, Legend of Zelda, Sonic, Metroid, and some of the other known Nintendo games. I like drawing, and gaming is one of my specialty!
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Rupert and Cherry get their own parts too!
It was filled with ghosts on the gameboy. 8bit ghosts are spooky.
Hey! Look, it's a new Kirby! Meet Boomer! The new chalk colored Kirby behind all the Pyrotechnics!
"Enough?! I haven't even broken a sweat!"
C o o l
I bet when Keeby finds out, he's gonna be laughing so hard he'll explode.
@Sudux: Thanks for the response, I will try my best to make the panels bigger.
Okay, so this did not go as expected actually... I wasn't really sure what to do, and the idea was inspired off of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Minions... You know the one subgame where you got to play as the basic Mario enemies and what not. From what you can see, it's way more crowded, and doesn't look all that good. If you have some tips for it to get better, please do respond.
@Sudux: Actually I've used it a lot in Amazing Mirror, just for trick shots and such.
Hey, it's gotta be a good ability: Offensive and has a cool hat. Like Hammer, or Sword, or even Beam.
See! Chocolate with nuts.
I mean, either way, the dude IS Chocolate with nuts.
Since when is Cutter actually a strong weapon in these games? I mean, it's fun to use, but... kinda weak.
Choco actually has a grip on the facts, man. Way to go for not being 100% insane.
Oh come on! It's not a Kirby comic without KIRBY in it.
I'll give updates on how Kirby is doing on his vacation, it'll be nice to show you how the puffball is doing on his break!
@Sudux: Actually the way it looks, it looks like Quantum just died-
He had to pick Cutter... Why couldn't he pick something better?
Run, Keeby! Run! You can do it, Keeby!
Kirby starts to head out for his vacation! Have fun, buddy!
I'm trying out a new font, so tell me if you guys like it or not.

And lastly, just in case, I do not own Kirby (as HAL labs does),
And I did not rip the sprites, backgrounds were ripped by Dr. Shnaps, Kirby's sprites were ripped by Dreamcat, and the cake was ripped by Random Talking Bush... all on the Spriters resource!
That ends Chapter 5... And with that, I'll narrate the rest:
Kirby plans to take a long vacation, a mini adventure if you will, who knows what'll happen on his crazy vacation. What'll happen with the Kirbies left alone? Find out next week, when I start Chapter 6!
And on the ground, the people of Popstar got to see a glorious night of Shooting Stars in the sky...

I don't think they'd care because Shady was about to enslave them all and destroy them all if they refused.