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Love write, LOVE anime, love J-music in general it seems, love most korean soaps ^_^ and after that i get pretty basic...
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I've been way behind but the art is AMAZING! I wonder if she really had fallen asleep and is in a dream now, where things are going her way and with a guy who will NOT stand her up due to Zoshi-Sama's meddling... hm
I agree...
With Angela. That Stick i adore it.. i would stick it on my laptop but it looks like a poster type or image. Still love it.
Finally it's been said, all the telling off and the like... I really do hope for some now "aww-ness" cuz their relationship has been so estranged.
I'm with NiaMilos... He'd give Tamaki some work for the title of Host Club King.
Its okay... do what you can! ^_^ I'll be watching for them updates though
Hmm... I love the bit of foreshadowing here. ^_^ I'm still running off with the cake tho...
*blush* Oh my... I think I'm going to run off with this cake. ^_^
A girl Harry... sounds cute! Adding to favs to keep an eye on this one!
*sigh* been there... lost one last April and quit the other this past week... luckily i already had one lined up starting next week... so losing does suck... Anyway the art she must not suffer!
yay, male nudity i like!
who're you telling... same here all girls and the ones you think you can trust you can't... its alright i'll never do that again.
Very cute. Was so excited to see the updates i missed.
>.> i know that feeling.. no good women or men.... *sigh*
*CHEERS*yayness! finally an update! ^_^ I'm so happy!
*Wonders what happened to Kea and her part in the story*
hmm... not sure what i think right now... but i'll fav it just to keep an eye on it
lol, Nami-Kun is probably tired of screaming fan girls... thats probably what it is... wonder if he's got a stage mom... u know the type that forces the kis into stardom
...... Is he like drooling in 5th panel? lol... still good work! keep it up!
Do it... but be on ur guard...
me too! lol.. keep up the good work!