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I like drawing, cartooning... Heck anything that makes art.
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Is there any possible way you know when the next fan fiction story will come out? Can you let us know if it does?
Waman Chikan
All hail your glorious new meme! A human derpy head with a chicken body!( probably pissing on something)
the comic isn't showing up for me
I have a feeling that there is no "cool computer" in that box. It's probably going to be a taco shipment.
Maybe not
Maybe there isn't a computer in there and its just to get blizz excited. If that were true that would be kinda cruel.
It's all coming together
Sora gave an egg to Oliver when he was in the lab the egg hatched and became eve, that's why Oliver is so protective over her. Ford says that the lost kit may be dead, but it's not. The leafeon keeps gaining the suspicions that the egg is destroyed. The no. 1134 idk was Oliver that's where he got the weird necklaces. Look out Sora, there's now 3 lovers in the picure, all headed towards night, Miku, Eve and Sora. Case closed everyone!
Ford looks weird.
Ford looks kinda dumb. I'm kind of used to seeing fur on an eeveelutions head. Tjis one doesn't. Whatever. I want to see more on john
@Pinkevee222 Just my luck. I can't draw animals, don't have a sketch pad, and don't know where to put the answers in. *sigh* Life is rough.