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I am a student at the Academy of Art University, and I love to make comics in my free time!
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Stitch doesn’t “have” “problems” Sage, c’mon.
@corienne: well... It would have been if Luzio hadn't parked on the planet
@corienne: <3 <3 <3
can never have too many mugs... ;))) LOL

You've been here so long I feel really special you've been sticking around <3
*quest complete noise*
@corienne: Well, of course not!!! But Delta tends to be... really harsh about what gets their resources.
sounds like a plan…?
@corienne: "be polite for 5 minutes. just gotta keep smiling and nodding. please i just want some cheese."
@corienne: The teeth and also maybe the "technically legal" death arena LOL

And yeah! She's missing all her limbs ^^
Well! I've been doing this for two years now!
I really want to thank you all for being here with me for so long ^^
It's been a really wonderful experience and I really want to thank you.

I also decided to launch some merch, and figured this would be a good time to go about announcing that ^^
It's all available on my etsy page:

Don't worry, I won't mention it again ^^
What a turnaround. Okay legend!!!
Awkward... Blaire is more blunt than a sphere.
@corienne: Aaron wins by drawing Keith out with a laser pointer
@corienne: give it a few thousand years and these babies'll be all over the market!
@BehindYou: <3 Thank you!
@corienne: yes!!!! Cyborgs are sooooo good!!! honestly I don't know why everyone isn't a cyborg in sci-fi worlds :P
@corienne: It's okay, Aaron can't hear it over HIS humming!
Yes you can still ask questions ^^ i love talking about my ocs and honestly i would answer questions whenever ;) and yes! That is Blaire's wife, Anne!
@corienne that's... Hm. I know how to sew and now i kinda wanna make this.

@corienne DID... They're so talented but they're so stupid lol, she holds em together nicely