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tired 24/7
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TwT he's throwing stuff lolol. and Yuu likes leaving water bottles on his side of the room. i cant draw water bottles im sorry!
hahahaha ok friends sure. okay here's the skinny. updates are going to be sporadic for right now. once a week. it was Sundays but I need to get my ducks in a row before I go back to sunday update. my main goal is finishing this frigging chapter. hnnng. but anyways thank you for reading. love yall.
Thank you! ;w; Yeah I like this version better too
I DELETED AND RE-ADDED DIFFERENT PAGES. I'd go back to Page 41 and read over the new pages. I only redid the two pages though so no huge change. Just know this is the final redid page and we will continue from here. Thank you guys for putting up with the confusion!
redid the pages continue here first or go back one page just to see where i switched off at which is suppose to be meri and felix leaving the room. thank you!
January 25th, 2019
I'm sure your dad will recover quick! Sending happy thoughts yall's way. I can't wait to see where the next arc take us.~
This chapter is probably going to be a bit longer than last chapter lol. Again, thank you guys for your support by reading! Love ya'll!!!~
Felix smiles cause it's his fear mechanism. ALSO HAPPY NEW YEARS. I hope everyone makes a step forward for this year and may it bring you happiness and good opportunities.

This past week was busy busy busy catching up with friends. I didn't even get time to post on Sunday. So here's the super late update and i'll update again on Sunday as usual. I also made a character link so you can see some of the characters and learn a little bit more about them. Check it out!~

(Btw someone mentioned Felix being transgender and you're correct. I wanted to draw Felix appropriately, so if I make any mistakes please let me know.)
AND UPDATING TIME. We finally get to meet Felix.
this took three days i unno why. hello! this au doesn't actually celebrate Christmas tbh but lets pretend they do. lol. and happy holidays from me to yall. I have never seen a misletoe in my life so i had to google it and draw this cliche hot mess. thank you guys for reading and i hope yall have an awesome day off full of happiness!
Henlo! I am done with finals and my break begins. I'd be more excited about it but I still have to work. Whoop whoop. But i'm thinking of just updating more on Sundays as one of you guys suggested, it's easier and I also tend to have Sundays off and it's more consistent and everyone would rather read shit on a Sunday than a Tuesday. I unno.
Btw you got any questions fire away here:

there's only so much my little hands can draw to cover the basis of my comic it will get addressed later on in the story but if you're impatient like me than ask away. Nothing spoiler related.
that is a pretty good idea and it's consistent thanks for the idea
i got alot going on rnnnn before my holiday off but here's page might be one next week who knows
put some butter on me i'm on a roll. one of the comics i followed sent a link to this pretty cool look Q&A thing and i thought i'd make one of my own. if you guys have any questions that need answering lemme know!
as always thanks for reading! love yall!
I made another page this week go me! I'm just really excited to introduce the next character and i've been having a smidgen of extra time available. whooo!~
Two girls? The ones in the background? I just gave made rando ppl in the back. lol.
Of course he lied lol
Aaaah this was suppose to come out yesterday or whatever but i'm working this whole week cause I got the weekend off whoooo and those are the faces of two idjits that have no idea what they're doing or they look like supportive parents cheering on their little kid. Whichever.