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tired 24/7
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hello why doesn't this room exist in my life?
hello long time no see. I guess i went into hiatus it's been a stressful few weeks and i wound up getting sick in the process. yay me. but here's the update and i'll try my best to update again but i unno when until my classes are done. good news is i wont be taking summer classes cause i aint got money for that. so kudos or whatevs. thanks for reading once again you guys rock.
double update, nothing fancy going on though, just Yuu yet again sleeping in.
i was trying to go for like angry vindictive creepy yes!!! :D
UAWHAHAHWJAHS. I mean, ahem. End of dream. Everyone loves having nightmares in my comic.
AGAIN I DELETED A PAGE AND REDID IT CAUSE I FELT UNCOMFORTABLE SHOWING THE DUDE'S FACE...cause you'll see him again but I want it to be kinda plot twisty so i'm not showing his face i'm sorry!!! Hopefully I wont be changing pages for a while after this. I just love changing my mind last second. . If you saw his face than coolio, though this dream sequence takes place 3-4 years ago so he has changed but... you'll see.
not gonna lie, making the lines on the bubbles was incredibly fun and satisfactory. Three page update. Not as if it's an impressive feat, the first page is jut blocks and words haha but now were getting to my favorite chapter. Hopefully it's a bit more exciting than the other chapters.
Oh my
My fingers hurt from all that dotting. ;D
I also realized it's been almost a year since I made this comic. Crazy. Anyways, thank you guys for sticking with me for almost a year now and I appreciate the kind comments and support. It helps. Alot.
and done with this chapter! i already made two extra pages for the next chapter cause whooty doo it's another dream sequence. I just need to make the 3rd chapter cover... which i do'nt think i really made a second one but i can just slide it in easy later on.
finished. i have so much schoolwork to do. till then see you guys next time and as always thank you for your support. <3
TwT he's throwing stuff lolol. and Yuu likes leaving water bottles on his side of the room. i cant draw water bottles im sorry!
hahahaha ok friends sure. okay here's the skinny. updates are going to be sporadic for right now. once a week. it was Sundays but I need to get my ducks in a row before I go back to sunday update. my main goal is finishing this frigging chapter. hnnng. but anyways thank you for reading. love yall.
Thank you! ;w; Yeah I like this version better too
I DELETED AND RE-ADDED DIFFERENT PAGES. I'd go back to Page 41 and read over the new pages. I only redid the two pages though so no huge change. Just know this is the final redid page and we will continue from here. Thank you guys for putting up with the confusion!
redid the pages continue here first or go back one page just to see where i switched off at which is suppose to be meri and felix leaving the room. thank you!
January 25th, 2019
I'm sure your dad will recover quick! Sending happy thoughts yall's way. I can't wait to see where the next arc take us.~
This chapter is probably going to be a bit longer than last chapter lol. Again, thank you guys for your support by reading! Love ya'll!!!~