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tired 24/7
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hmmm probably won't upload a second page this Sunday, we will see if I have free time Tuesday as I am switching jobs and will be heckin busy the next two weeks. Yay.
mmmmm it gets worse, im sorry. ): Rena is a very miserable character to say the least. i should probably put a warning up for later chapters on abuse.
sorry lost track of time, I had this ready and everything. but i'm super proud of this page. ;w;
Poor Yuuto, you have no idea...
Wolf; The inaccuracy of it all lol
xCatchino; Thank you! :)
lmao she came out that door with ill intent in her eyes.
Sorry for the late posts. It was my roomies birthday this week and I was busy getting involve in artfight. I've never heard of it before but it's a really neat way to art trade with others i've been having alot of fun!~ If you guys wanna try here's my page:ケルケル

it'll be a rare chance to get art from me since these things last once a year, I think.
Still looks cute and I love the style.~
I hope your health gets better!
Thank you! :D
I might be posting a few more pages next week before Sunday cause the scene that's about to come up is one of my favorites i've envisioned in my head at least.
greeting fellow readers, next page will be coming out in a bit~ I have so much to do today or so I thought but my friends nor family will pick up the phone for lil ol me. :') Anyways I hope you guys have a lovely Sunday!
Aw thanks! Thank you for reading! :')
June 27th, 2019
This is all the pages I made but whoo 4 pages in one day that's a new record for me. I also have another comic if you want to check it out, but this is my first comic that I plan to finish all in color, and if it gets popular enough it will have sexual exclusive scenes to it that is why I am putting the mature content on this comic. Thank you guys for reading!~ Have an awesome week.
Hello! I made another comic and this one will be colored. Depending on it's popularity i'll upload pages frequently, this is going to be more of a mature webcomic so that's why it has the mature content box checked. Don't read this, obviously, if you're under the age of 18. You've been warned. (:
2 updates today! I might stick with this for now it's easier and it gives me plenty of time during the week to make pages. I hope yall had a lovely weekend and thanks as always for reading!
sad smile
Lmao poor Cyrus. At least Yuu is trying.
darkflame; the face of terror

wolf; no one would kill the main character.... would they?
Cyrus looking like a damn goblin in the second panel. Hello hope everyone is doing good! Thank you guys for reading as always. :')
it's mostly effort and team building skills for the working world. The only real importance is knowing each others elemental skills. Which Yuu doesn't even know his element let alone conducting spells. No offense to Yuu, but Cyrus got the worst partner out of the classroom.
I carefully had to remember Cyrus and Jaya's background. And eruggghh I always hate that question of "Oh do you have someone your seeing?" like mmmmmnnnn nope. But I know it's a completely innocent question lol. Again you guys are awesome and thank you for reading as always!

Oh! and happy pride month!