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I am called Banana. Or (I prefer) Nana for short. Why? ... I have no idea. I'll get back to you on that. XD

I have an extreme fondness for/obsession with pretty boys(preferrably with long hair), pretty girls (preferably on the flat side), androgyny, cross-dressing, cutesy sob stories, bl, Itsuki Kaname, and oriental asian cultures. And by now, I've probably already shared more personal things about myself than anyone would care to know. lolz.

I love random pms because I like talking to strangers (kids, don't do this at home D<) and comments make me feel warm and cuddly inside.
lolz. She's totally not being mean. Yup, not mean at all. XDDD
I love this page. Your concept is fascinationg. <3
January 9th, 2008
That first panel....Chess's...face.....XDDDDD
Is David in a band?
LOL. He's so adorable. I love those last two chibi panels. <3
I like Charlie... A lot... XD
The narrator has good taste, lolz. +fave <3