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i draw mangu
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January 14th, 2014
sorry for the long wait back from hiatus. new character? HIRO THE BUTLER
November 1st, 2013
hey back from that lil break. hehe also just pretend that i drew victors house really scary and detailed
October 11th, 2013
vampire powers really come in handy
October 6th, 2013
in celebration of October i give you vampire boys
my first bl story!
October 4th, 2013
and this concludes the end of chapter 1 ^__^

hope you all enjoyed it!
September 30th, 2013
i've already finished the first chapter. now i have to just upload them ^__^ hope you're all enjoying it
September 29th, 2013
@Maxxu: thank you! and whatever similarities you find i hope that'll go away soon enough
September 29th, 2013
here we go (got a tablet so now i can draw much better)
Thanks for the lovely welcome back comments guys! Keep them coming! ^___^ Seriously means alot that people are reading BB still.
I finally started chapter three's screentoning and inking! Enjoy! Demonic zero as the chapter's cover again.
The D-Slayers are back guys. Can't wait to start uploading more often! :D Got my scanner fixed and my drawing skills have improved so future chapters are gonna be even better! STAY TUNED!
Hehe, we have new characters? oh my! I'm not going to give much away about these characters but you can try guessing their abilities from this picture. And yes, I'm working hard on this manga as we speak.

Kinda messed up on toro but hope you enjoy the sneak peak of the new guys coming in chapter 3.

Chapter three script is finished, now I will start penciling and the pages will be done! STAY TUNED TO BLOOD BLADE!
Hey everyone, I'm working hard on blood blade right now! it's all coming together and I am finally finishing the plots for the next upcoming chapters! Hope you enjoy the chapter cover, and it'll hold you over until the pages start flowing in!

I start exams tomorrow, which SUCKS, but I know I'll do well cause I am good in reading. I take math exams on Friday D: I am horrible in math oh my goodness. Wish me luck!

Also, I have updated the site of blood blade a little, I have now put in a blood blade mix/soundtrack which will add some more OOMPH to the pages XD The music player plays automatically and doesn't refresh everytime you go to another page which is GREAT. Now you can enjoy the manga even more.
I have finally uploaded all the pages for chapter 2 of blood blade! Chapter 3 will be started tomorrow! Expect new pages in the following weeks!
Hope you all enjoyed this chapter! Blood Blade CONTINUES!
Double update as promised!

@MayelV-thank you for the lovely birthday comment, even though you were the only one XD
Since today is my BIRTHDAY, I'm gonna be uploading 2 pages today, then wrap this chapter up this week! :D

So happy, I'm finally 17! Whoop! Thank you everyone who has read or have been reading , blood Blade for the past 4 years now. All the remakes, and all the pages, I owe it all to the motivation and feed back from my readers. Thanks so much!
THE ACTION GETS INTENSE! I had so much fun drawing this page, letting all my fighting demons out while drawing the action panels XD
ITS BACK! And don't worry everyone, I finished scanning, and toning all the new pages, so updates EVERY WEEKEND till chapter 2 is done!

@ren-chin- ahaha yeah, blood blade will never die! XD

@MayelV yes I am back, and I'm really glad you still read this manga! Considering how well yours is doing itself! Thanks again, so much :DD
January 29th, 2011
SO BUSY WITH ALL THESE PROJECTS GOING ON AT ONCE D: its crazy really. So please enjoy this filler sketch.

I'm already done with the blood blade chapter 2, now all I have to do is get organized and scan the pages and tone them up. XD

BLOOD BLADE WILL BE BACK VERY SOON! expect 2 paged updates Either this week or this weekend.
as you can tell, I'm really trying to draw more backgrounds and people and stuff, cause last chapter, I didn't do that, but I'm trying more this chapter, and I'm improving (I think aha >__>)