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Please call me Juta.
I'm a hobbyist comic maker. Creating mostly LGBT themed works for the mature audience.

You can also find me at:

Deviantart: jutawi
@Guest: Oh yes, the moment she died his life changed forever
The doctor is a character that appears in my other comic "Urban Legend"
I'm sorry about the delays! I was busy drawing a new comic for the Webtoons contest, so I didn't show up on the internet much. It's based on "I'm Mortal" and you can read it here:
@Scarlet Spider: Thank you for enjoying it this much uvu
@Trevy_16: Thanks!
I'm sorry for the delay in updates!
@WingFreak: Might be both XD
A long arc starts. Discover how it is to be a reaper and some bits of Morty's past inbetween.
"Your lack of trust offends me"
@Animerules!: Ahahaha oh my that adorable enthusiasm, you're welcome ♥
@Animerules!: Here:
@Animerules!: Animerules.exe has crashed, reboot with cookies
@Animerules!: When I open my closet everything is black XD At least the other closet is colorful
@Animerules!: *fans you with a papersheet*