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Please call me Juta.
I'm a hobbyist comic maker. Creating mostly LGBT themed works for the mature audience.

You can also find me at:

Deviantart: jutawi
@tksocrazy: Oh gosh, I hope your brother is doing fine by now O:
and almost 500 pages comic, that's impressive. I've been drwing comics for a long time but never really continued any past 100 pages (with IM being an exception), so I admire people who got that far.

I like when comics are connected, I do that a lot too. And sure, I never sent a private message at SJ before, but once I figure out how to, I'll do.
@tksocrazy: Aaaah you make me blush >//v//<
Oh! I feel honored that I could inspire you! O:
Are you posting it here on SJ? I'd like to check it out ovo
@tksocrazy: Thank you for reading and enjoying the story ♥
Yeah, you pretty much got it right with the assumptions XD
@Nala: I'm happy to hear that ♥
Don't worry about Hate he got a belt, I just skipped that panel
@The Orange Cow: He already takes strong psychotropes
@Guest: I'm glad I could entertain *bows*
April 26th, 2018
@Guest: You have to wait and see. Some friendships/relationships start very weird or even hostile
April 22nd, 2018
@WingFreak: Hahaha yeah it makes for a good reaction image.

Gotta have some... "protection" up his sleeve, since he gets in all sort of trouble.
April 20th, 2018
@O.O: Personal reasons > regrets
April 17th, 2018
@Trinox: Bach and Hate did "play doctor" before... more than once :3c
April 15th, 2018
@Trinox: Well... you're not ENTIRELY wrong :3c
April 15th, 2018
@WingFreak: He's a very very (cute) bad boy
April 15th, 2018
@Trinox: Yeah, can't argue with that XD
@The Orange Cow: And easy comes again
@WingFreak: Hahaha had fun with that one XD

@Trinox: The "he's probs straight anyway" comment?

Aw thanks, glad to hear that you like him so much XD
Careful he can be a bit too much sometimes
March 17th, 2018
@Trinox: I'm glad XD
@The Orange Cow: I see what you did there!! XDDD
@WindowMaker: Yeah it would XD But that wouldn't stop him from trying to take them off from his face :''D