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Please call me Juta.
I'm a hobbyist comic maker. Creating mostly LGBT themed works for the mature audience.

You can also find me at:

Deviantart: jutawi
@KaiterSkate: I'm sure he would if he was Mexican
@M-24: The grave lights were mentioned before, see episode 83 (Visitor)
Both that and the flowers are an old tradition where I live
@DKspasiba: Goth is not a profession
@YolkenEgg: Even if he could, he can't outrun the gay thoughts
@Merrsharr: Luckily they have currency exchange offices between human world, netherworld and demon world (up to date)
April 30th, 2019
Let's focus on some Morty and Lance interactions before continuing with the plot
April 30th, 2019
@IronDog: Thanks XD
@WindowMaker: Exactly, the irony of breaking into own base, with own tech and security systems :'D
Two weeks before the tower raid
@The Orange Cow: They were born with it
@Quatral: It's bonus pages, so it doesn't really matter. I still kept a big chunk of story away though
@Christan04: You will see in the next pages why she's used to it