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I'm a professional biologist and vocational illustrator. I've been drawing since I can remember, but I've been trying harder recently ^^U I hope you like what you see! ^^
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    Encarnación Rico Guzmán
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Now is the time for Ekaitz to start asking himself why is he blushing...

Sorry for the delay, guys! I hope it was worth the wait ^^
Ahora le toca a Ekaitz empezar a preguntarse por qué se ha sonrojado...

¡Lamento el retraso, gente! Espero que haya merecido la pena la espera ^^
@BananaUhl: Yeah, well, he really should contain his ego a little bit too, but... not his style XD
@deee45: I don't want to be a spoiler, so... we'll have to wait and see! ^^U
@M-24: Yeah, at first I had doubts about that, but I felt like doing something different there. I'm glad you find it fitting ^_^
June 11th, 2018
@Kimmikala: And that's totally natural and good.

This feels very real to me. I like very much how you are developing this story, really ^^
Pues parece que al final Eder no era tan heterosexual como todo el mundo creía... (incluso él mismo).
So it seems, in the end, Eder wasn't as heterosexual as everyone thought... (even himself).
@tksocrazy: Again, I totally agree with you. It's a terrible way of living your life. But sometimes social pressure is too much for some people. Of course, the only thing you get from that is hurting yourself and others. And obviously, no relationship that involves a person with such problems could go well...
I'm glad both are being so sincere ^^
@tksocrazy: I totally agree with you.

I didn't see Eder exactly like that though. I just thought about him as a deeply repressed person who cannot accept his own sexual orientation and tries to compensate being the most heterosexual person on Earth... until he can not repress his feelings and impulses anymore.
Ejem, ejem... La cosa se está calentando por aquí...
Ahem, ahem... Things are heating up around here...

I'm dancing inside *_*
At least, they are talking now...
@tksocrazy: ^_^

By the way, I'd be very interested on reading those comics you say you're working on when you finish them, so... keep working on them and good luck! ^^
These two comments were for @Buddelchen and @tksocrazy, but my mobile phone just had its way... =\
It definitely wasn't going to be a healthy relationship, I give you that...

Thanks for the appreciation! It means a lot that you have sensed it! ^^