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I'm a professional biologist and vocational illustrator. I've been drawing since I can remember, but I've been trying harder recently ^^U I hope you like what you see! ^^
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    Encarnación Rico Guzmán
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@Sleeepy: Yaaay! He really made up his mind, and when that happens, he goes straight forward!
@WindowMaker: Hahahahaha... Don't say sorry, I love it! XD
@deee45: Yeah, me too! ^___^
@sstogner1: *smiles and dances*
@M-24: Yes! I'm so happy too! I didn't intend the hand grab in the beginning, but it came naturally after ^^U
@Moondragon: Phew indeed!
*tira confeti*

*throws confetti*

@Arcane Allusion: Yeah, me too. So many relationships ruined because people can't talk...
@Sleeepy: Hahaha... He escaped when Eder was there, but now Haize's got him! XD
@Ledgerina: ¡Muchas gracias! Me alegro de poder transmitiros las emociones ^^
@deee45: Same here, really! I really don't like misunderstandings ^^U
@sstogner1: Yep, it's about time to end the drama! >_<
Gracias por la aclaración, Haize, desde el fondo de mi corazón.
Thanks for making that clear, Haize, from the bottom of my heart.
@Geneseepaws: Yes, it does. I haven't been thrown out and now I'm in good terms with my family (at least, half of it), but I spent some time isolated from them because they didn't want to see me (same reason as Haize). And I can tell you it messes deeply with your head.
@Sleeepy: ^_^ Soon we'll know!