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i jsut found this to day and i looooove it =D
just started reading this and its pure love! ^^
awwh just read this comic sooo cute <3
i love how you draw their expressions! an i wanna give elthee a hug he looks so sad
yay an update and promise of an early-ish page lol ^^
........stupid auto-update!!!
awwh i love his straight forwardness ^^
dont worri

i really hope your dad gets better soon!!!

its spelt joking just to let you know lol an yay update ^^
i really like this page its very cute an i espesh love the last pannel
its not crappy!!

lol ahhh the suspense is killin meeeeee
awh he looks so cute and sad makes me wanna hug him!!

an cant wait for the other pages!!

i just pulled the same face at him as the dragon thing lol
awwwh hes sooooo cute in the last pannel i could just eat him ^^
yay a up date ^^

welcome back
yes i can now thank you ^^
= [
i cant see it!!!

September 26th, 2008
happy birthday!!!