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Fatalist, existentialist, pessimist, realist, clown and soon-to-be psychologist.
Eventually sharing nor your values nor your norms.
Nonetheless, probably wishing you a pleasant day.

Also hoping to share his own webcomic someday.
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this comment section is such a mess, hah
Bravo, bravo.
enjoyable art
In the second pannel,
it looks like there is Deadmau5 in the middle back.
I can't unsee this.
Don't answer mean-ly, Kenneth >/
I love the expressions on this one. :)
August 14th, 2018
Waky waky, it's time to begin a brand new day. Bright and full of hope-
Yea I guess that will leave wounds.
A simple man which used to lead a simple life.
"You're so well mannered"
[drools two pannels later]

She lying
fishy woman
That boy /really/ gotta Go to church
Istg those characters develop in a way which makes them more and more likeable. Like.
They're good. Comic is good. Food is good, yum.
Luv to the creator.

P.S: they're also idiots smthin
Ok Zeggy
No risk to be taken. What a cautious gentleman!
The hair is back