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Here goes my description.
You didn't know who I was
And I didn't give you ideas.
Thought it was gonna be revelent
Well I hope you don't find me repellent
Cause I won't tell you what man
What man I tan
Tan to be.
Tan to be...
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That boy /really/ gotta Go to church
Istg those characters develop in a way which makes them more and more likeable. Like.
They're good. Comic is good. Food is good, yum.
Luv to the creator.

P.S: they're also idiots smthin
Ok Zeggy
No risk to be taken. What a cautious gentleman!
The hair is back
May 13th, 2018
@TamTam: Why thank you.
Will has been my fav chara since I've seen him.
May 10th, 2018
@:I: Because my boy is handsome.
@TamTam: A photo edit I did.
Meat man with minced meat as a head, casually smiling while eating brain-icecream. Thing you cannot see.

He's friendly.
Kenneth puts pants on.
Harvey picks up from floor then put clothes on.
Harvey puts hands on hair and rubs.
Kenneth takes keycars with grin on face.
Kenneth speaks, eyes directed towards Harvey human.
Harvey's head moves upward and downward to reply the other huMan's wording.
Kenneth and Harvey walking towards car doors.
Away from motel.

end of transmission.
floor's comfier
Plot twist?!
Why thank you.
This portrait of me shall be shown in the hall of my wooden castle.
Thank you young one.

-Now Prince of the Darkhabamian elves
Idk what you guys are talking about. That is a fine profile pic I'm seeing here.
My description
Ok, I'll give you a fine description of Myself.
See, I am an elve of the Forest Darkhabam. I have a long dark hair with green leaves patterns on them, mostly in the back. They're the mark of my youth. Once old, they shall become dark too and brownish. Aside from my hair, I have long ears too, long enough to hear what's happening in a 150 meters radius. It can be really hard to handle but I am the Legacy of tomorrow and my People counts on me.

Now, my skin is white and shiny like a pearl. You can see yourself in it because I am pure of heart. Us, elves, are good-intended being from the bottom of our soul. Also, there are words of my People's language on my tits which, once said can ressucitate the dead.
My eyes are on fire most of the time because I can feel the anger and rage of the flowers people are walking on. Elves are very sensitive... Also I am a male.
Reason for which I only wear a green stripper slip(which was given to me by an aroused human).
I am barefeet but, I have 6 toes on my feet. It helps our kind running faster.

Thank you for your patience, you can deliver the drawing to my wooden castle:
Worlder Of Magistra, 507317 Darkhabam, Forest n°0001
A fan of pictures of snow