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I do things sometimes.
look at my cool and funny minimalistic description, guys.
er, anyways, I attempt to draw things, probably screw up royally, and try to have fun doing it anyways.
currently in college, so rip any sorta schedule, but i'll try to upload comics relatively frequently? If I don't just get bored or something?
Who knooooooooowsss~
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@bwooom: Thank thanks!!
Still finishing up the chapter sketches, but as soon as I'm done I'll start getting the finished pages up!
The final pages take a lot less focus to draw since I have sketches, which is good since I lose focus easily... (partly why I took so long to get this out)
Hope you look forward to the actual start of the chapter in a few days!
Kinda Backety back!
Yo, hey, here's a quick chapter opener! It''l take just a bit longer before i can start posting the pages (this is gonna be a longer chapter), so bear with me please!! For those in the future, enjoy!!
October 20th, 2017
@bwooom: Ah, alright, thanks! I'll still try making sure I get those ideas across better though!
October 19th, 2017
@bwooom Awesome, thanks for the criticism!
The fact that the ocean was only like a few yards across was supposed to be kind of the joke, though.
Call the chapter "infinite ocean," put emphasis on how it seemed like there was nothing in the waters or whatever, then BOOM, she hit another bit of land, with the boat guy still visible not too far from her. I know, I'm a comedy god.
But really, though, I'll try to get ideas like those across a little better in the future, thanks!
October 18th, 2017
Wow, two chapters now. nice.
I feel like I'm sorta screwing up the pacing here, I'll try to structure it a little better in the future.
Also wow, I was really struggling to get this last page out. (not that it was significantly hard or anything, I just kept getting distracted)
I'll take a couple more days than last time to draw up the first few pages of the next chapter, but then I HOPEFULLY won't take a mid-chapter break this time or something.
Still trying to figure out how I wanna do all this, I might or might not take a day of the week to not upload a page or something, but I don't want to skimp out just due to laziness or something.
Any thoughts, tips, criticism, or scathing insults?
I'd love to hear any anyone has!!
October 16th, 2017
@bwooom: Who knows, he could always accuse her of stealing the boat later. take her to trial. she can't seem to talk much, so there wouldn't be much of a defense.
yes, a boat trial chapter, now THERE'S an idea
October 15th, 2017
Today On "Sket Can't Draw..."
But mostly water and boats. Panel 1 is a prime example of this.
Also circles.
Why the hell did I make Mary's head a circle... maybe I'll give her a hat or something later. or not.
Anyways, so begins this "infinite ocean."
Why lies in wait for Mary in these waters??
she'll probably get eaten. or something.
October 12th, 2017
they're probably EXTREMELY important to the entirety of the plot.
@bwooom: mweh heh hehh, whatever could it mean??? It's probably something cool. Like I am.
October 8th, 2017
@bwooom: Thanks! I'm excited too!
er... I mean, I totally have this whole thing planned out. I know everything. For sure.
October 6th, 2017
@bwooom: Haha, yeah!
Wherever could it lead~?
(super glad to see someone keeping up with my little comic thing, thanks!)
October 4th, 2017
Ah, thank you! Hope you stick around for more!
Welcome to those new to the comic!!
That first comment's probably not the best opener, sorry
So uh
hope you like
and stuff!
October 3rd, 2017
And Chapter Complete!
Woah hoh!
look at how popular this is!
I say, this actually being a comment made from like 5 days before this is posted!
Hopefully this chapter was ok, I mean you read it all right?
Yeah, this is definitely gonna be a large undertaking, I could barely make a page a day...
that is, with school and shiz.
I'd like to say that while a chapter is in progress, I should be able to get the pages out near daily, but between chapters I'll have to take a couple days to plan out the next one, and draw up a few pages so I have a backlog just in case. or something.
I honestly have no clue what I'm doing. But hopefully you'll stick around to see how I manage my way through this! See you in the next chapter!
Cover Page for Chapter One?
Ok, so, I did this after I had already started uploading the first few pages.
Decided I wanted to do something like this for every chapter, and decided to just do this sketchy-style thing.
N... Not because I'm too lazy to try to completely draw a cover for every chapter... of course not...
Maybe I'll come back later and redraw these once I'm further in. For now I think it's alright though, right?