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Thanks for the advice Viktor. I'll always be looking for ways to improve, although I don't have a manga on hand for easy reference at the moment to draw inspiration to panelling (which I suck at).

I love guilmon although I still find some difficultly drawing veemon. All digimon are currently not associated to the originals in the various series, so you could have a guilmon or veemon that's not from tamers or adventure 02.
I don't make sprite comics and I love all the advice given so far... but this one seems like a PAIN to read. What happened to all that advice about font? Having to read yellow words with blue outlines makes me want to skip this entirely.
Dorumon went from white-ish to grey-ish. I hope I've finally settled on the color palette for them.

Screentone or dodge/burn? Hmm... dodge/burn is faster (- -") although I'm able to screentone (so slooowly).

Those interested in featuring their digimon characters etc (No super-powerful megas! Its a comic, not a god-mode clip) or have an idea for the plot feel free to comment or drop a pm.
Hmm timeline? I'm not sure yet. Still in the process of writing the other chapters of the script. But I don't think it'll be any fixed timeline. It might make references to digimon heroes from different series except the fourth season though (because I haven't seen that one yet).
Lol thanks. I didn't expect that much text int he last bubble either because I edited what was in the original script XD
Yea. Its called Dorumon . There's a 3d movie about him and the X-virus.
The judge talked to her?!
If its confusing... all shall be explained, in due time. I pity Eggman sometimes. The poor scientist must have some bad karma or something.
Help needed
I've kind of got a vague plotline written out, but I'm also looking for someone to help me with the character personalities/beta-reading. The script hasn't been entirely worked out yet, I'm just aiming at a backbone storyline for the moment. The qualities I'm looking for are:

Good english; (I should be able to understand you easily.)
In-depth sonic knowledge; (because mine isn't that detailed, there's too many spinoffs, japanese version, american archie etc. But mostly I just want to clarify character personality. knuckles=gullible, tails=innocent, sonic= laidback... you get my point.)
Has msn preferably; (or email so that its easier to discuss things)
Commitment; (as it is the backbone has gone past 20 SHORT chapters, the time I need to draw them out = infinity XD)
Realistic; (Things CANNOT happen like they do in sprite comics. No random rah-rah I ate your chicken! stuff.)

Thanks for all those who have faved and commented so far. Please rate my pages too~

Hmm... wonder if I can maintain 2:1 ratio of fans:comics XD. Share the fun with your friends ^_^
January 23rd, 2008
I don't remember what happened to the pink baby badger...
Fast? Oh...
Its only the prelude... and I thought it was going too slow. I'll try to slow things down a little, but the scene was not a major thing. Its only the part that opened up the dimension... explode first, explain later. That's how accidents work right?
My throat hurts...
Forgive the tone dump... I just downloaded a bunch of them and got a bit too excited meddling with the layer blends. I have a sore throat too... kinda distracting. T_T

I sat down to plan out a bit of the plot, but it feels like I keep running into plot holes and I never really followed the sonic series that closely so some of the characters feel very ooc.

-scowl- Gotta rework it somehow...