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"We weren't gonna hurt her."
*flashbacks to bandits kicking the shit out of Kiln on the ground*
holy smeejeebusgooberflabbingfloodlenoodle that is some good drawing
to wake up
for some reason i'm getting a big kingdom hearts feel and i don't know why
*here come the Dimentio flashbacks*
Wait it's Valentines Day? I thought it was Annual Single Awareness Day... oh wait.
well i mean...
if we're gonna go lesbian we gotta go all in lesbian, so option 1.
@Guestoh i don't see how anybody could forget that
oh god no
what have you done. you have provided ship material. no. no... NOOOOOOOOOO! We're all going to die!
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: i can't tell if you're serious or if you're just telling me random things. :/
why is Virizion doing the breadloaf, she isn't a cat... or is she?
you english or no?
@Umbreon5456: "Klen" lmao i'm dying

it's "Kiln" btw (you know, because she is a fiery boi?)
@Claddor: what, Zanza is in this comic now? excuse me what the f***
ok then
yo Alex is Mythra up in here bois
@Sylveonlover246: I'm fairly sure decapitation would kill anybody in one hit, but yeah sure.
completely off topic
i am slowly dying of laughter from Velvet's profile picture.

Riki for phantom thieves everybody
i'm done.
@cccviper653: what has this world come to
me: *wondering if people will get joke*
Alright there is Elysium!

now where the heck is Pyra
i feel lied to
people like you...
i don't know what this is but i think you should go to jail