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I honestly only know that I like art and gaming

;w; that's all i'm afraid.

((Other than throwing myself in a very large pile of snow))
oh gosh,that's adorable I love both of them, hnnn so cute ;w;
mmmmmm yes not good not good at all, RGB seems so upset nnnn not good
December 4th, 2017
Very early in the morning...
Early mornings suck.
Anyway, updates are gonna be regular now! Every Thursday, here we go! :D
Alrighty! I'll be uploading these pages every Thursday! If I end up completing a chapter early or have over 100 buffer pages ready, then I'll start uploading 2 a day till you guys get caught up. Hope you enjoy the ride!
oh no bad feeling what 's going on
aaAWWWW I love those two so much and just, You finally did it RGB, You hugged Hero! hgjskdf They're great I love them RBG is finally becoming a better dad
This is actually really disturbing. Can't imagine how Frisk feels!
RGB please be a better dad and keep an eye on your Hero.
they're just so great I love them so much, also this sand is my kind of sand.
Oh my god I love them all they're like a big ol family and so nice and wonderful so great
Oooh, I love the colors! Everything looks so nice ;;w;;
*soft gasps*
They're so cute and I squealed outloud they're just so adorable and hgjfndnk
Fluffy boy is a happy boy ;w;
wHat a re you doing, Chara
*screaming* my gosh i love them and i love the fluffy and i love this comic help
Honest to god I wanna hug every last person in this comic, they all think that they're gonna die and that's just it.
*screaming* so pretty
rood. let the bunny talk.