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Hey there fellas
I like cute girls, flowers, and sappy, cheesy, and most of all corny stories :>

My weaknesses are soft things
:DDD I'm so glad it's back! Good luck with your art job, dude, and I'm really hyped to see what you have in store for us :>
this is it,, this is all I've ever needed,,,,, cuteness,,,,,,,,,
I'm scared, it looks like negative was crying when he was looking at Hero! :VV dunno how to feel about that but now I wanna hug them both
awwwwwww, coffee, bby, this is so cute ow my heart
I??? I want to pap him???????
this comic brings me life and joy. ;w; best thing ever
Hope you feel better soon! We can wait, just make sure to be healthy again!
1. Please take care of your hands, we will be fine to wait for a week, if it means that you'll get better!

2. ??? This page is great???? And I did NOT expect that train, and it made for a great surprise????? RGB and Hero honestly make my day, thanks for doing this last page!
Aaaaaa! Such an interesting story, such great art to accompany it, a whole new set of rules, new plot twists, it's absolutely amazing! It's got a feeling to it that it is it's own story, and I love it to death
*in a whisper* me too, coffee, me toooo
February 26th, 2018
me too, milk, me too
honestly, I find this so relatable ;;w;;
February 11th, 2018
Is it weird that I personally think that she's super cute??
oh gosh,that's adorable I love both of them, hnnn so cute ;w;
aaAWWWW I love those two so much and just, You finally did it RGB, You hugged Hero! hgjskdf They're great I love them RBG is finally becoming a better dad
This is actually really disturbing. Can't imagine how Frisk feels!
Oooh, I love the colors! Everything looks so nice ;;w;;