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I honestly only know that I like art and gaming

;w; that's all i'm afraid.

((Other than throwing myself in a very large pile of snow))
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wHat a re you doing, Chara
It's FTBR btw ;;w;;
You've found me! Tha that's my signature/water mark! But keep on looking, it won't always be ;D
*screaming* my gosh i love them and i love the fluffy and i love this comic help
*distant screaming* sorry that this one's out late ;w; dealing with a lot of health issues and life chose the perfect time to be a jerk. I'll try and get more pages out by the end of the week
Honest to god I wanna hug every last person in this comic, they all think that they're gonna die and that's just it.
*screaming* so pretty
rood. let the bunny talk.
hgjnafsmdjklf I drew this yesterday but didn't manage to get around to uploading it until now! More pages will probably get completed during the weekend to make up for the lateness ;;;w;;;
Buttercup is a fun character
kyjthrgsdgfh im kinda proud of the colors but at the same time omg it awful