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Hey there fellas
I like cute girls, flowers, and sappy, cheesy, and most of all corny stories :>

My weaknesses are soft things
aww poor josh, just wants to give some smooches-
awww,, poor cutie!
September 26th, 2019
awww the lil' face plant ;w;
hgfjsfdh don't worry, the kids will love it xD
*scoff* rude!
ruh roh raggy....
Congrats on all the pages tho!
Oops, life happened-
aaaaaaaaa I'm so sorry for the hiatus! There was a pet death, depression, my birthday, art fight, and college exams;;
I absolutely do not plan to abandon this comic, I just got a bit busy with real life things;; Sorry everyone again for the wait, but I will be coming back with pages hopefully every week. I'll aim for Thursdays but I might post later or earlier due to how hectic my home life is becoming.
But yes! The group is now officially magicked upon!
*dramatic chasing music comes to a sudden halt*
*panicked noises from papy as sans flips death off*
July 25th, 2019
hggfdfgf the artist mood of "please don't ask to see my notebook please don't ask to see my notebook please-" "can i see ur notebook"
oh no he's dead,,, press F to pay respects-
congrats yo! I wish you happiness :D
indigo: :'<
Yma: pathetic
hgnhgnfd bottom 3 panels are such a friggin mood it hurts
when you accidentally fall in love with the one you were trying to make fall in love with you-
Oh shit that dragon is alive,, better run xD
mind: blown
I know it was a short first prologue, but I promise that the chapters will be much longer cx
I'm looking forward to sharing this story with you guys!