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Hey there fellas
I like cute girls, flowers, and sappy, cheesy, and most of all corny stories :>

My weaknesses are soft things
indigo: :'<
Yma: pathetic
hgnhgnfd bottom 3 panels are such a friggin mood it hurts
when you accidentally fall in love with the one you were trying to make fall in love with you-
Oh shit that dragon is alive,, better run xD
mind: blown
I know it was a short first prologue, but I promise that the chapters will be much longer cx
I'm looking forward to sharing this story with you guys!
happy pride!!
aah, sorry this page is late, I've been busy with exams as of late;;
rainbows are for the gays
oh my god the expressions are amazing and just,,, the entire conversation is golden i l o v e it to bits
*claps hands* Good teacher! Good teacher!!!!
honestly I,,, love this entire page,,,,,,,, it;s Good
hnnnnnnng he is,, so cute,,,, both with and without his sunglasses ;;;w;;;
the only way to run a business
Okay so,, I'm sorry for that hiatus there, but I had a mix of family drama, friendship drama, school drama, and i ended up being pushed way past my limits and really needed some time to recover mentally and emotionally. I couldn't draw for over a week because I got so messed up;; But! I can draw again!!! And I can't wait to show yalls the next pages! :D It's gonna be so fun!
oh dear :o
aaa i'm just glad that there are going to be updates! welcome back!
god, and there i am unable to see more than two feet ahead of me without my fuckin glasses
oh fuck oh shit he has air pods in he can't hear us oh god oh no
me, in class: u okay professor?;;