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Hey there fellas
I like cute girls, flowers, and sappy, cheesy, and most of all corny stories :>

My weaknesses are soft things
me, in class: u okay professor?;;
Yeah this is a sort of sorry for not being to upload a page today,,,,, sorry again ;;w;;
Fixed! Thanks again for spotting that, I have pages numbered differently in my folder, and was working on new pages when I posted this;;
@BBeth oh fuck oh shit I got mixed up sorry, thanks for pointing it out!
"sometimes death throws parties instead of teaching us anything." That. Is a biiiiig fuckin mood
secretly the main character
That is such a friggin mood
Howdy everyone! Thank you for joining me in this adventure, I hope you enjoy the world I built :>
@Gkatte: ^.^ Thanks! I tried hard to make it seem a bit dark, and melancholy, I'm glad it translated well!
@Pez!: Thank you! :D I can't wait till I can start posting all the comic pages!
@BBeth: Your wish is my command ;>
holy cow, it's my clock monster! :D You drew them so well, thank you!
"I challenge you to a duel!"
-walks away-
"Fair enough!"
lol if it helps, belle, I still love you cx
:DDD I'm so glad it's back! Good luck with your art job, dude, and I'm really hyped to see what you have in store for us :>
this is it,, this is all I've ever needed,,,,, cuteness,,,,,,,,,
I'm scared, it looks like negative was crying when he was looking at Hero! :VV dunno how to feel about that but now I wanna hug them both
awwwwwww, coffee, bby, this is so cute ow my heart
I??? I want to pap him???????