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Lol i am dedz!
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N, becuase he needs to improve making comics and sprites.....RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!!
Protoman looks like elton john
*shoot himself in the head* ow bleh *dies**soul floats down to hell*
Zom-G, Sam, Joe and Posty
The guys from from the authors other comics are in the first panel
*Stabs them both*KNIVES MAKE PEOPLE BLEED!!!
Jerix,how can the author of the comic need to get lost if it's his comic?
*melts the flying machine*um....oops?*stab'd*
Biker jackets for the win dawg
Rangers have won the league! rangers have won the league! rangers have won the le-*stabbd by celtic fan*
*appears in a giant robot*hello short people i have came for your pie
um when did DMZ become smart?
DMZ will try to kill megaman now
DMZ IS FINALY HERE! Updated Sprite sheet
My sprites They have no fighting moves yet though