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Ain't that the truth!
It was between that extreme close up panel or a cut to commercial of Girls Gone Wild.
Aw man, I'm so funny
Yeah, I said I'd update even with crap? I figured that I'd have my laptop back and I'd use my tablet a month ago, taking credit for the month and a half of missed updates.
September 25th, 2009
I know the eyes are different.
In a bit I'll be asking opinions on the style. Shut it.

Also, now that a scanner that can scan dark pencil sketches is in my campus, I can finally start doing things on this comic. Not like anyone reads it anyways.
Wow, look at all that effort!
I spent as much time making most of the comic as I did getting the breasts of the women kinda correct.

Comic to make up for last week's missed comic.
Yeah, I did Rule 34 on the forum.
Scary, isn't it? Anyways, this is just a quick upload.
Can't read the text? SCREW YOU I UPDATED LEARN 2 READ.
In more ways than one!
I considered practicing editing on this page, as that would be a good thing to know how to do when I decide to do this comicy thing for real, but then I thought screw that so there.
You can tell it's meant to be samus! And she's a tricky one to draw as well.
A silly thing I did.
My brother's name is always shortened to Ebu. Somehow I got it in my head to say I am Ebu, which souns like Ahmet is a boo.

It's stupid, but whatever.
That's right.
Do you not see the beret and paintbrush and canvas and palette and art snobbishness?

Also, I live under a train. Yeah.
That's how that dude used to say it right?
On that show? I mean, phonetically, that's an okay way to spell it, right?

I was informed that I was supposed to update. I hadn't been feeling too well recently with personal stuff, but I've decided to make this really quick.

It is worth noting that euphemisms are meant to replace worse words. Dynamite, in this situation, isn't a better thing to say than penis. Also, my people dont' wear turbans as much as the arabs do, but it isn't unheard of.
It was the distinct lack of talent that made me like this comic.
I'm getting better at drawing with the tablet, but unless I can resize things and keep a clear image it just won't be any good.
July 3rd, 2009
You know who needs those boots?
The people of Mars.
I brought my own bag...
An animation! Qualifies as the update.

I have three comics that I am actually working on right now. The lack of updates are because I am working on them all.
But just so you know, at one point while being developed, they proposed Oak being the champion, and he used Gary's team, except for the starter that was left. So yeah, that's is what happened.
The joke is that it is long.
Me versus Kimra. Perhaps if I didn't take 42 panels for the insult, I would have got a real vote.
Belated of course.
Because I was doing some ACTUAL Father's Day shit, rather than drawing about it.

What What What?

Anyways, I won't be changing my self depiction even when I cut my hair. I'll just be letting it grow back out anyways. Might as well perfect the way I draw one, right?
Now if I can figure out how to draw a mustache.
Nothing to see here.
I just drew as if the tablet were pen and paper. Free hand, only five minutes. As I am drawing in Paint.Net still, I have neither the skill nor the ability to make much finer detailed etchings. I've got Adobe Photoshop Elements collecting some proverbial dust, and I'll see if I can figure out how to use it somehow.
Date changed to reflect fact I did not update last week. To be honest, I was too busy to want to try.
Thanks for the compliment.
But mostly screw you for the insults.
Wait, what about mind-reading?
Don't they remove your brain and read the electronic impulses that it gives off when responding to stimuli, thus effectively being able to decode your memories?

I mean, that's what they did in EGYPT to the mummies. Proof that the pyramids were just homing beacons.
This was what I could not do for the ForumBattle.
Alas. I'm sure the one or two of you won't have much to worry about from me. I am getting a bit more used to using the tablet, when to zoom in, and what will and won't work.

Now unless I make HUGE panels to draw things in detail, I won't actually get anything that resembles anything. I'll have to get better at drawing on paper before I can apply it elsewhere.

This update counts as catching up on what I missed. I don't need to do it everyday, and I never said I would. I am complacent.