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Hey, I'm Tyooky - hobby artist, writer, gamer, life adventurer and metal head. Pleased to meet you!

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@Ark Bluegate: Haha, thanks. I must admit, that is a creative way of expressing that you like something.
@Kingfish: If you refer to the character, I do him completely free hand by now. If you begin to "know" what/who you are drawing, references are only needed for a final check in my experience. The one exception being the decorative ornaments on his armor - definitely need to look these up every time!
It's back.
Finally. After months of not being allowed to use my drawing hand at all due to an injury, I can now slowly tab back into creating art. So excited to finish all the pieces that have been sitting around half-finished for too long.
Hey @ristiluu, thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoy it so far :)

Unfortunately my right (drawing) hand is literally on ice at the moment due to a work injury, super annoying. The next page is almost finished, but I've got to wait for it to heal. Hopefully it be up by next week.
@Koal: Ah, I see you are not unfamiliar with RPG character builds ;)
About the arcane..
Drawing magic is so much fun, but... The Companions and classic magic? That doesn't sit well with each other now, does it? Well, we will see what role the arcane arts will play in this story, as it slowly but steadily continues.
Page thirteen
Now this page went much quicker, due to a recent rush of motivation.. thanks to you guys!

I also tried a new style for thought bubbles, and I think it works really well to differentiate between thought and spoken word. Might have to go over the past pages to get it all in line now.

Thank you so much for your kind comment, really happy to hear that you enjoy the comic so far!

Honestly, it's kind of weird to have a whole story in your head and half of it written down, even the imagined sketches before your inner eye, but then the execution takes just sooo long.. It's somewhat frustrating and motivating at the same time, but all the more rewarding to finish a page, and especially to hear when people appreciate what I create! :)
It's back!
Apologies for the many months of silence, there is a lot going on in my life at the moment, plus it's summer and the pages takes forever as per usual. Hope the pages aren't looking too dark, but I'm still trying to keep a somewhat realistic colour scheme.

For the best viewing experience, enter the full screen mode of your browser and darken your room (or read at nighttime without lights, works like a charm).

Hope you enjoy the new page!
@Kingfish: Yep, I do use references for certain facial details. Actually they are screenshots from my Skyrim ingame character, which I have modelled to look much like this character here. Of course, the features are still very raw compared to real photographs, but that way I try to uphold a facial continuity, for which I would, yet, otherwise lack the routine.
@Kingfish: Hey there, glad to hear that you like my drawing style! Until now I've actually never really reflected on what style this might be. Perhaps semi-realism? Not quite sure though.

Ah yes, the how-long-question.. It makes me shake my head every time I think about it, hehe. Let's just say that after work, I usually draw between one and two hours a day, plus about six hours on weekend days. At the moment, I takes about three to four weeks for one page, but that also depends on the panels. I'm not good with faces yet, so pages with a lot of facial expressions literally take forever to satisfy my expectations ^^
@Guest: Wow, thank you so much for your comment, this truly made my day! You're the first one to ever make an assumption about my character, and I'm so excited to show and reveal more of him as this story proceeds. Super happy to have found another Companion, so to speak - this is motivation at its best!
Here's a little tip for all the darker pages, but also for comics in general:

Enter the Full Screen mode in your internet browser (in most cases via the button F11). This enhances the contrast drastically and the pages look much better!

Also, make sure that your zoom is set to 100% to get a clear page quality.
@Gyal.ThornkiinWF Actually I don't, but perhaps I should! Speaking of it, there will be some mod content subtly included in this comic, mostly visual stuff to enhance the realism and immersion of this world, and things that would just have to be there naturally (like backpacks, cloaks, saddlebags for horses and so on).
@MipMipDead: It would appear so, but I guess with the mud crabs of Skyrim one does never truly know.. They seem to have quite the taste for human flesh, seeing as they chase unwary adventurers with such passion!
The Companions is written for a more mature audience and might contain blood, violence, hunting scenes and sexual themes including same sex relationships (M/M). Please refer to the specific age limit for "The Elder Scrolls V- Skyrim" in your country for an orientation. Do not read the comic if you don't agree to read or view anything that might contain the previously mentioned content.