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I like drawing and cats.
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    Chloe Citrine
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"How do I penis?"

...In every sense of the word. Oh my, Jase!
Aaah silly guys. I wanna bash their heads together!
*reads pages again*

Is Blythe like one of those queen bee girls who likes to have a posse of guys doting on her who shits on any other girls that get near? *claws* Cute hair, bad person!
Urgh, I really hate the sort of person who socially pressures others like this. :/ I get a bad vibe off Blythe. I feel like she's just gonna leave Blake high and dry when she's bored of him or when he doesn't comply with what she wants.
I just read the whole lot! Moreeee~ I love your character writing and art so much this is so gooooooooood TToTT
The pages actually haven't finished uploading yet so please be patient... when they're all up give it another read. I promise it'll make more sense!