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OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, that's probably what I would say too.
What does that symbol mean?
That dude/girl is doomed!
@hixidas: Have you never gone through the water temple?!?!
Wait, Dusk ISN'T Night?
I actually thought that he was talking about his aunt in the last comic.
You can do it! The plot armor will protect you I hope! Otherwise this would probably have the end of the comic very soon, and that would be sad.
Wait, they're both dudes?
Now I just want to know what happened!
Maybe they're both ditto! :D
Fifth! I wonder how long it'll be until someone comments "Nobody cares"
I would probably be surprised if it wasn't Jack. :P
I'm so excited!
February 20th, 2018
Ooooh, so THATS where he's been!
This scene is definitely funnier then the same scene in the game!
I hope you feel better soon!
@NorppaComic: Yes, in the last panel. Sorry if I confused you.
Are those her legs sticking out from under the blanket?