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This is what I'm planning on changing the comics style to! This will hopefully make it so that its easier for me to get the pages out, once I actually think of comic ideas. A new page will also be out soon!
I was not expecting barney! Good job!
@M.W: Oh, ok!
Isn't he twelve?
Is Trinon the name of that ditto?
SNOWtail is COOL? I see what you did there! :D
How is that even possible...
That riolu/lucario is doomed. Doesn't he know anything about type effectiveness?
Wait, he knows how to code?
Is that Asher, or does he have a brother or something?
Wait, does this mean that there are humans in this comic's universe? Or are they just mythical creatures, like pokémon are to us humans?
Wait, they have color now?
OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
What does that symbol mean?