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Well, I guess this is for you. Ish. I love card games. Actually, my username comes from a made-up card game I made and one of the cards there, "The Ringmaster". Yeah. I made a Circus Deck. Fun. Anyways, I also like writing stories. I'm not a very good drawer, so I probably won't be posting any comics of my own, at least not very soon. >_> Plus, I'm lazy, so yeah. So...bye, I guess.
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I just read this comic all the way through, and I loved it. XD It was hilarious! I lauged at least 3 times. I really hope you update it soon.

As for the CG for CP, I think I'd have to go with Colored Pencils. You're drawings look amazing, and you color exceptionally well. So, cast my vote for colored pencils, if it's not too late.

Needless to say, I'm definately faving this. Hope to see more of this comic in the near future!

XD Ok, I have two things as well...

1) O.o Who knew a kiss could spark such enthusiasm?

2) Heh heh...SOULLESS...that reminds me of my cameos, who are actually emotionless, but that's beside the point. XD
XD Man, that's hilarious! Nice job. XD And I thought he was really a mapmaker, or Cartographer, or whatever it is.

XD This is just a stab in the dark, but will Waddle Dee be a little bit of comic relief?

XD And it was nice of Kirby to point out a key point. Those aren't scribbles! They're CRAYON scribbles!
This reminds me of this video I saw on YouTube, where it shows all the cloned Pokemon and the daughter in the virtual city in their minds, all having fun, and Mewtwo asking questions (and the only time he actually can be semiclose to Mew's adorableness) and then the other clones start to die, and we find out that Mewtwo's the last one left. That was depressing, but it kind of goes along with the showing a nonevil side to Mewtwo. ^_^ I like it.
XD You know, just as a random comment, I was watching Pokemon this morning, and on the "Who's that Pokemon?!" they had Scizor. It was an old episode, so yeah...Go Scizor!

This is more to piggyback off of the arguements we had earlier, on the Gag Strip, but I might as well say them.

Mewtwo CAN lift a lake, but could he use an attack that has over 600,000,000 joules of energy? NO HE CANNOT!!!!!!!! ^_^ Bass can.

As for the Mew/Mewtwo discussion, that is a tough one. Another arguement to say that Mewtwo's stronger is to say the he was designed for battle, while Mew is natural. However, we must also take into account tha Mew never takes anything seriously. He's like a child, in many ways. So I think, even when it appears he battles seriously, he never does. But I do admit, Mewtwo is incredibly powerful, and there are ways of him being stronger. ^_^ But Mew's just TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
Oh! And another point about Bass!

Ultima explained it well, however, that's for the original Megaman. ^_^ Now onto my area of expertise! The newer Megaman (not Starforce)!

In that one, Bass was the first NetNavigator (basically, programs) that had independant thought. However, he was so powerful that we humans thought that we should delete him. His "father", however, was against the idea. However, he disappeared, so as Bass was getting his butt kicked, trying to call to his "father", he wasn't there to answer. During the fight, however, his "GetAbility Program" activated, allowing him to copy other Navis abilities. So, he's basically been wandering the dark regions of the Internet, known as the "Black Shadow", and the "strongest NetNavi". ^^; Until he got his butt kicked by Megaman...twice...

Still, Bass is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! No offense, Vye, but Bass could kill Mewtwo in about 2 seconds flat.

Just to show a little bit of what he could do, let me give an example. Remember, this was actually explained in the manga, so I didn't make this up.

One day, 100 NetNavis challenged Bass. He slaughtered them in .02 seconds with only one arm. ^_^ That's how awesome Bass is!
XD I don't know if I'm just stupid or what, but I found it funny when Kirby was like, "I'll be easy!" and then Waddle Dee's thinking, "Oh no, Kirby's gonna steal my cool thing!"
38! Bam! XD We keep one-upping each other...woot!

I really liked this page, especially the confusion. I liked how you had her land in the King's lap (he is the King, right? Or am I wrong again?).
>_< Curse you, Vye, and your suspenseful moments! Now we have to WAIT! Oh well, all I know is that I'll probably like this flashback. ^_^

However, those flashback images with Celebi, aren't they just from when blind woman tried to eradicate Mewthree? Or am I just VERY confused...?
I'm going with TokyoD on this one. >_< You just CAN'T un-fav this comic! It's too cool! ^_^ And I love the story line. Unlike Hollywood and other things, it's actually an original story line. I love it! And it has to do with cards. Even better!
XD I love the fact that it takes Zubat a little bit of time to answer. It suits him. Since he's talked all of ONE other time, he's probably just now getting used to his vocal cords.

Dang, angry Aerodactyl. And I thought a water attack would actually do something, considering how he's rock and flying type. Oh well. XD Guess Robin suffers yet another fatal blow from the all-powerful Vye!
Heh. It looks cool! Keep it! XD And so what if it's cheesy?! It's awesome! And it builds suspense...
Hmmmm...yes, that could work, just change around a few details. XD But it's too obvious for Hilaree to get an Aerodactyl...I think Vye might have another Pokemon in mind for her...but a flying type like Aerodactyl would be very useful.

YES!!!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER LOVER OF DEATH RAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off to Joshua's evil lair in order to compare schematics and help build death ray for extracting his revenge on Vye*
^_^ Hurray for more information! I like learning more about this...Mewthree's pretty cool, because he's ALL BLACK! ^_^ And I LOVE the new avatar, Vye. It's awesome...

I don't know if any of you watch Bleach or not, but this is pretty similiar. ^_^ I liked Ichigo because of his bankai, which gave him an entirely black katana. Same thing with Mewthree! Just thought I'd put that random comment in...
Yeah, I remember when Hilaree asked the Pokemon, and they said how she could. XD And by the pages, I'm guessing she's going to get two more only...XD I don't care, the amazing Arie and the Zubat are alive and with her! THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I really like this picture. ^_^ It makes me all's so cool...

SECOND place?! That's AMAZING! Good job!
XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD GO ARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XD You weren't the only one who laughed! That was hilarious! Thank you Oranges_and_Pears for a hilarious gag strip! I loved it! ^_^ And it features my FAVORITE Pokemon on Hilaree's team! >_< Well...other then the Zubat...well...>_< I can't decide! ^_^ They're both my favorite.
Late Comment
Hiya Vye! Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. >_< I'm such a horrible person!

XD Go Hazel! Attack Rueben with your fountanous mouth! Muhahahahaha! XD But seriously, that was funny, and I feel kinda sorry for Rueben, even though I LOVE how hyperactive Hazel is...

XD And I'm now in LOVE with Arie, the Spinirak! He's HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously, everyone else is like, "Yay, capture!" and he's just like, "Eh, whatever." XD It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
;_; This is so sad...but so good...I really like it! I can actually feel the sadness if I try, which is very rare for comics. ^_^ Excellent job.
O.O Oh wow, that's REALLY bad...I'm sorry. >_< Yeah, sometimes computers can be a real pain...^_^ But it's ok, take some time. XD I'm sure we all can wait until you murder your computer and get a new one.