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OMG Its a Dunsparse
The cure for everything
Cabbage, my friend, is the answer for your problems. Here, *puts cabbage beside darkari, this is all you need.
Uhh, is that bunny flipping off that cat? That has to just be me, right?
Y'all thought I'd forgotten
Alright, you have to be dead by now.
*walks in
Uhh, I'll just uh close he door. I saw nothing.
Nosh Ware
August 24th, 2018
The style this comic is kinda like a cross betweene Adventure Time and a shipost blog (the good ones though). It always makes me snicker. In a good way though.
The biggest danger
The #1 killer of the undead:

Hide you children, Mr. Zombie
Nosh Ware
August 24th, 2018
The biggest danger
Never mind the semi-firendly wherewolf or the giant spider, no, the most horrifing thing is the weather.
A hurtfull punchline
He should of said "I'll take two" after the fact
I'm shure that he means well, don't take it to hard. Oh, and dont forget to lok the door on your way out.

- Oh, yeh, nevermind, there is no door anymore
Nosh Ware
July 12th, 2018
@MR.Zoet: Its ok, your just one year closer to you inevitable demise
Nosh Ware
July 12th, 2018
Your mother told me this day would come
Well son, it time we had a talk about shipping...
I enjoy dis
Mewnwhile in the real world
I think this is the same conversation my two cats have when I fill up a bath with them in the room.
(yes, one of my cats likes water)
Nosh Ware
July 9th, 2018
There we go
Found him!
Not here
Now for my evil plan
Ha HA! Now that your unable to reply to comments, I'll have the comment section ALL TO MYSELF.
Err, and that other guy from a few pages ago.
Where is that guy anyway?
This is devistating
This is a devistating blow to me, im going to need a while to recover.
Nosh Ware
June 25th, 2018
LIst of main chacters
- Nescio
- Lobster queen
- That mouse dude
- Nescio's emo friend
- The "Hey" speech bubble
@MR.Zoet: Ehh, Nescio is a big boy, im shu-
you know what, on second thought, maybe that would be a good idea.