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Oh my god Matthew, you look diffrent- let me see...

Hmm, did you get a new face?
Or maybe a new body?
Or - oh! A new pet giant FREKING SQUID?
I see your all broken up over your pet dieing. Shame on you! You know, some people even burry thier goldfish when it dies! But nooooo, not you, just ignore it, he says. You monster.
I just realised, you have most of the popular nintendo charcters here except for ones from the mother and metroid series. Whats up with that?
Pfff, of course not, what would make you think that an EVIL FRICKEN CAT'S WHISH WOULD INVOLVE BECOMING MORE EVIL?
Also, you better have insurance for the dammage, 'cause I'm pretty shure that thats going to leave a scratch.
Awww, what a cute lobster-fox thing
So dose this mean that the mouse was able to interact with the rest of the comic, but the chacters just chose to ignore him? How RUDE!
Is that a food stain at the bottom of the page?
Alright, maybe you are dead.
Well, thats a twist
*lip smack
It happens to all of us
Wow, my cat did the same thing! Yesterday, he ate my grandmother!
Like what I see
@MR.Zoet: Oh, well good job!
And deeper we go.
Something tells me they have diffrent definitions of "Better".
Nosh Ware
June 7th, 2018
@MR.Zoet: Wait, I thought you said this was a repost of an older comic on a diffrent account?
Are you continuing series, or reposting a previous one?
Nosh Ware
June 6th, 2018
Is this comic still alive?
Lobsters are super usefull!
Who knew?
Well, I did.
I'm just sayin' this because I fell compeled to comment on this.