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I shall only be known as Jenjamin GOODBYYYYE.
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December 4th, 2009
Her left eye looks crazy in the last panel
Heeeeey! That's my boyfriend oggling boobies!!!
I personally quite enjoy the cops face.
This page is AWESOME.
While I already told you I love the jacket. But I also think the look that Ellis is giving Tim in the last panel is pretty great.
I finally got to have a real New Year's this year. It was AWESOME!!!
This is super awesome Ben.
Nah, it's definitely awesome as always.
Thrill's even
still awesome.
It was especially fun periodically seeing the progress and sleepy Ben the next morning. The person that picked you up must be an awful sweetheart.
November 26th, 2008
Larry? Hahaha, what a stupid name. *Wink*
So much awesome for just one man
I don't love cheesecake personally.
You get 5 stars, but only because I tip boats
Well, I am glad that you are happy to get back to the inks, but I must say, the pencils were incredible. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing how the rest of it gets done!
I KNOW!!!!
I recognized it immediately!
You are by far my favourite Zombie. And Irrisorie- he does have adorable puppy dog eyes!

I feel bad that I haven't commented in a while. but as per usual. Awesome, and I look forward to the next update