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Jigoku no Shikyo Megami
Likes: any thing good.
Dislikes: nothing so far.
Hobbies: video games, reading, writing.
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oooo, looks interesting.. Can't wait for more xD
late up dates are ok...even if its for a kool comic/manga like this one xD
T^T poor Henry...i hope he gets better....
i love this hole fairy tales thing i can't wait for more :)
Sweet more updates i love your art and story sooooooo much i can't wait for more :)
YAY!!! update i love this comic sooooooooooo much keep up the good work xD
i think the look in Jacob's eyes say some thing different. {giggles} i think in the end Jacob is going to try and go for Adel.

any who thats just my thinking who knows xD
lol! "Wait, you bought a disabled dog?"
YAY can't wait till the update i love this comic xD
sweeeeeet i didn't know you had it on here i have been reading it on xD

i can't wait for more
they are sooo cute....i can't wait for more :)
its not pathetic >_>
this is like my #1 comic/manga i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much :D
{giggles and hugs you and your page} i love this the hole thing :D
{giggles} awwwwwwwwwww how cute.
{giggles} i love it can't wait for more {sits and waits} ;)
{Squeals} Abel is so cute well so is Zadel but i like Abel better {hugs Abel}
i love the update and can wait for more xD yours is like one of my top 2 favs xD
take your time i know how it is to be sick lol.....and its so cute i love this comic xD
lol i don't care how long it takes for you to update its worth the wait xD