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I'm a YouTuber and a Deviant. So please take the time to check me out!

wew! I'm on Discord now! Go here if you wanna chat:
Hi guys! I have a lot to say today!
Firstly, Happy Halloween! And, thanks for reading my comic! I really appreciate it!

Secondly, Dr. Wily is dressed as a bed sheet ghost, (not very scary) Dr. Light is dressed as Lanky Kong, and the prototype is stuck to the floor, so the doctors stuck a pumpkin over his head.

Thirdly, would anyone like me to do Mega Man fan game chapters? (In the future I mean)

And lastly, He has no style, he has no grace, this Light has a funny face.

Okay I'm done. See you all later.
How the prototype got his trademark scarf!
@Erokuso: Thanks! I'm still kinda new to this and when I uploaded, I wasn't very happy with the font size, so I'll probably figure out how to use speech bubbles in the future.