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Nice place to have feelings in.
Thanks for sharing your emotions with us.
Those pages are beautiful.
"Please handle with care"
Both of them and reciprocally
Wow, those colours are so nice!
Thanks for the link, this snapshot is very good indeed.
I'm on my toes, will we have some answers or will the comic end with us still wondering...
Thanks again for all the hard work Gibson, this comic is so great.
You did it. And I'm really glad you did, and shared it with us. I'm looking forward to reading the last chapters.
Have a nice holiday!
Congrats! 500 pages is a great achievment, and I like your comic very much. Thanks for all the hard work, thanks for sharing it with us!
Ah, that's the way we're gonna relieve all this tension and culpability we're feeling since little brother's death...
Their expressions are great! So accurate...
I love this page.
Beautiful backgrounds! Thanks to Ashley, and thanks also to you, for this marvelous story!